NSS Results for Education 2009-2011

NSS 2011

HEFCE’s timetable for publication of the NSS results for 2011 is as follows:

Publication of the 2011 results: Planned schedule of activity

On 3 August institutions will be able to preview their own results on both the Ipsos MORI NSS results site and on the Unistats web-site. The agreed NSS and Unistats contacts at institutions will be sent further details closer to the time about how to access the data.

On 10 August there will be a preview period on the Unistats web-site where institutions will have access to all institutions' data. On the same date, Ipsos MORI will launch Phase 1 of the NSS results site which presents highly detailed NSS data to institutions with access to students' comments. All pre-calculated data tables will be available at institution, subject and sector level. Sector-wide comparisons will also be available during Phase 1.

At midday on 17 August, the Unistats web-site will be available for public access and HEFCE will release a press statement.

On 30 August Ipsos MORI will launch Phase 2 (custom analysis) of the results site. The custom analysis function gives each institution the freedom to analyse tailored results for specific cohorts of their own students, as well as publicly available data for all participating institutions.

Source: HEFCE Circular Letter: 2011 National Student Survey: Publication of data

ESCalate will no longer be providing support for the NSS from 2011. The Higher Education Academy is committed to providing disciplinary level analysis and support in its future strategic plan and will be doing so for Education disciplines with the 2011 NSS data. For more information see http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/ourwork/supportingresearch/nss.

NSS 2010

An update giving the results of the 2010 NSS for students on Education disciplines can be downloaded from the panel on the right.

The NSS results for 2010 are available on Unistats and HEFCE websites. Ipsos MORI also release data from institutions’ own students, including qualitative responses and optional scales, direct to named NSS representatives within institutions themselves. This can also be accessed via a password-protected website.

An analysis of trends across all disciplines in the NSS from 2006-2010 is available on the HEFCE website. An analysis of trends across all disciplines in the NSS from 2006-2010 is available on the HEFCE website.

NSS 2009

ESCalate has produced a report, ‘An Analysis of the Education Results of the National Student Survey 2009’, that analyses the 2009 Education NSS results, providing evidence about what undergraduate students studying Education think about their experience. It draws out particular issues for practitioners in Education and investigates differences between programmes of study (Teacher Training, Education Studies and Combined Courses), between HE and FE, gender, and UK countries. Please download the report on this page. Overall, over 80% of students are satisfied with the quality of their courses in Teacher Training and Education Studies. Assessment and feedback remains the biggest concern for students on all Education programmes, however,  students on Education Studies courses are significantly more satisfied with assessment and feedback students on Teacher Training courses.