Making mobile learning work: case studies of practice

Author/Producer Edited by Professor John Traxler and Dr Jocelyn Wishart
  • Nicola Louise Beddall-Hill (City University, London)
  • Sarah Cornelius (University of Aberdeen)
  • Mark Gaved (The Open University)
  • Alastair Gemmell (University of Aberdeen)
  • Phil Marston (University of Aberdeen)
  • Eileen Scanlon (The Open University)
  • John Traxler (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Jocelyn Wishart (University of Bristol)
  • Dawn Woodgate (Create Group, University of Bath)
Date Published 14 April 2011
Pages 46
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Professor John Traxler (University of Wolverhampton) has collected together a range of case studies that show how using different 'mobile learning' devices can enhance the learning of pupils


This publication has been written and edited for the education community in UK higher education. It highlights a small number of the significant 'mobile learning' projects currently underway in the UK and tries to draw out their significance specifically for the education community.The introduction provides a working definition of mobile learning and then tries to identify the meaning and the limitations of the projects described specifically for a readership working in education.