Students as change agents, new ways of engaging with learning and teaching in Higher Education

Author/Producer Elisabeth Dunne and Roos Zandstra/ESCalate
  • Tony Brown (University of Bristol)
  • Elisabeth Dunne (University of Exeter)
  • Teresa Nurser (University of Bristol)
  • Roos Zandstra (University of Exeter)
Date Published 31 March 2011
Pages 58
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This publication is aimed at individuals who are thinking of instigating student-led research within their institution


This booklet seeks to define themes around student engagement and details the background to an initiative run by the University of Exeter called the "Students as Change Agents" project. The reader is taken through how Exeter undertook this project and gives practical advice both within the booklet and on the accompanying ESCalate project web page for others who might like to set up a similar scheme.

Project web page: