Practical resources for you to use

The "Students as Change Agents" booklet outlines the sequence of steps – or the processes – that the University of Exeter went through in order to bring the project to fruition. These steps relate to the particular model that they used,  with volunteer students undertaking a number of small-scale research projects on learning and teaching, supported by an employed graduate to act as a co-ordinator and guide;and with analysis of this research then leading to dissemination activity and a series of recommendations and solutions from the students involved.

Here we feature the resources Exeter produced to support their project (see page 12 of the booklet). They may be copied or adapted in any way that the user considers appropriate.

We also have some additional activities for you to use within your department or with students.

  • Card sort

The purpose of this activity is to enable pairs or small groups to discuss their beliefs and views about the role of students in institutional change, to support participants in clarifying their thinking in this area and to understand where there may be differences of opinion. The activity can be used with staff or with students, or with mixed groups.

  • The podcast dilemma

Some thought-provoking questions for you to discuss if you are thinking about using podcasts with your students

  • Fishbone analysis

This is can be used as a first stage planning activity for groups/individuals  thinking about instigating change in their organisation.