ESCalate and the University of Exeter's Students as Change Agents project

The University of Exeter, ESCalate and the Higher Education Academy have been working together to produce a set of practitioner resources for anyone wanting to set up a student based research project at their institution.

The resulting booklet "Students as Agents for Change - New ways of engaging with learning and teaching in Higher Education" and the University of Exeter's accompanying resources are designed for those interested in promoting the idea of change agents, whether as an individual member of staff or a student, or on a broader scale such as a subject area, a faculty or even a whole institution. It can be viewed and downloaded from this page (see right).

The booklet has three sections:

  • A brief review of current rhetoric and literature on student engagement as a driver for change and a description of the processes the University of Exeter went through to establish the project.
  • A series of short case studies.
  • Details of this online resource page.

If you would like a hard copy of this booklet please email with your details (while stocks last).