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Becoming a Teacher Educator - University of East London

Date(s) Wednesday 16 March 2011
Venue University of East London
Stratford Campus, Room ED201
Water Land
E15 4LZ
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Organised by ESCalate, supported by TEAN, UEL and the University of Cumbria
In partnership with UEL_TEAN_ESCalate

The workshop provides a challenging perspective on the pedagogy of teacher education and on the place of scholarship and research in the role of teacher educators. It aims to provide a supportive environment for sharing experiences and for considering useful strategies and resources for building practice and identity as a teacher educator.

The workshop is aimed at teacher educators who are training teachers for early years, primary, secondary and post compulsory phases. They may be working in university departments, in further education colleges or in school or employer based teacher training units.

The workshops complement the ESCalate guidelines for the induction of new teacher educators (Boyd, Harris and Murray, 2007) which are available at . The second edition of the guidelines is in progress and will be inclusive of colleagues based in HE in FE and employer based teacher training contexts.