Working with NTF's, Senior Fellows, CETLs

Amount awarded £1,500.00
Leader(s): Dr Tony Brown
Organisation: ESCalate-University of Bristol
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 0117 331 4260
Start Date: 9 January 2010
End Date: 11 June 1930

The purpose of National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme and the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Senior Fellowship is to establish a recognition and reward process for high achieving colleagues in the HE sector. More than any other part of the UK education sector Higher Education relies on collegiality and peer review to enhance the quality of teaching and student learning.

Subject Centres can play an important role in supporting professional development by encouraging the celebration of excellence and facilitating professional development through dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, skills and ideas.

This project aims to publicise the work of National Teaching Fellows in the ESCalate newsletter and on the website. This will be done through selected telephone interviews with NT Fellows working within the discipline of Education or working within HE institutions in a capacity that promotes teaching and learning.

ESCalate is interested in this publication for the following reasons:

  • the success of the scheme and the increasing success of staff from Education in securing Fellowships makes it an important part to the higher education landscape;
  • the impact of the scheme on institutional reward and recognition processes means that exceptionally effective middle and early career teachers have a goal to aim for in professional recognition'
  • the evidence of impact of the scheme on raising the profile of teaching and learning across the sector in England means that NT Fellows are influential across the higher education landscape.  ESCalate is seeking to identify and illustrate this influence.  We hope that these personal stories will demonstrate some example of influence by Fellows on the sector.