Newsletter Issue 18 - Autumn 2010

Author/Producer Various authors from our community
  • Alex Buckley (HEA)
  • John Butcher (University of Northampton)
  • Pamela Cowan (Queen's University, Belfast)
  • Viv Ellis (University of Oxford)
  • Daphne Evans (Freelance consultant)
  • Peter Hick (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Jan Huyton (University of Wales, Cardiff)
  • Emma Jackson (University of Worcester)
  • Jan Machalski (Bishop Grosseteste University College)
  • John McCullagh (Stranmillis University)
  • Aileen McGuigan (University of Dundee)
  • Charlotte Morris (University of Brighton)
  • Andrew Morris (Freelance consultant)
  • Ruth Pilkington (Univ of Central Lancashire)
  • Steve Rose (ESCalate/Univ of Exeter)
  • Lalage Sanders (University of Wales, Cardiff)
  • Jane Seale (University of Plymouth)
  • Harriet Whewell (Formerly University of Exeter)
  • Jocelyn Wishart (ESCalate/Univ of Bristol)
  • Gina Wisker (University of Brighton)
Date Published 23 November 2010
Pages 36
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Autumn 2010 issue of our termly newsletter


A collection of varied stories from across our community. Articles ranging from developments involving students directly in research, to project updates from our teams and innovations using online resource databases.