TEAN Workshops - Teacher Education Futures across the UK

Amount awarded £6,000.00
Leader(s): Dr Alison Jackson
Organisation: University of Cumbria
Contact Email: alison.jackson@cumbria.ac.uk
Contact phone: 01524 385459
Start Date: 13 October 2010
End Date: 31 July 2011

Each workshop will be a full day event which will concentrate on issues which are significant for England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. The project aims are:

  • To identify a major issue (or major issues) in ITE for each country
  • To present informed input on this (or these)
  • To engage specifically with those colleagues in Higher Education Institutions who are responsible for course provision in ITE
  • To encourage debate of the issue(s) by delegates and to encourage them to identify challenges and opportunities suggested by the issue(s)
  • To ask delegates to share ways forward when faced with the issue(s) both with one another and with the group
  • To gather ideas on ways forward to share with the sector within the host country
  • To gather ideas which can be transferable to other countries

Learning and teaching in Education

Learning and teaching in ITE is greatly influenced by government education policy and changes to that policy. Therefore reaction to policy changes will affect learning and teaching. The workshops will play some part in addressing the impact of policy change on the learning and teaching of student teachers, and hence, ultimately the children and young people receiving the results of those policy changes from Newly Qualified Teachers.