The ESCalate-JISC HE in FE Conference: Inspiration for Practice

Author/Producer Conference speakers/ESCalate
  • Malcolm Bodley (JISC Eastern)
  • Christine Davies (JISC Wales)
  • Tom Evershed (Warwick College)
  • Sarah Knight (JISC)
  • Ian Mills (Blackpool and the Fylde College)
  • Kevin Orr (University of Huddersfield)
  • Steve Rose (ESCalate (Univ of Exeter))
  • Kathy Seddon (Blackpool and the Fylde College)
  • Robin Simmons (University of Huddersfield)
  • Ros Smith (GPI Solutions)
  • John Storan (Continuum (UEL))
  • Diane Thurston (Newcastle College)
  • Rebecca Turner (HELP CETL (Univ of Plymouth))
  • Simon Webster (University of Plymouth)
Date Published 2 November 2010
Pages 46
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Conference papers and reports from the ESCalate spring 2010 event


A collection of conference proceedings and presentation reports arising from the ESCalate-JISC HE in FE event in May 2010.