Enabling practice learning in a context of scarce resources and competing claims

Grant type: Hot Topic
Round: Hot Topic 2009/10
Amount awarded £50.00
Completed: July 2010
Leader(s): Mr Jim Reid
Contact Email: j.reid@hud.ac.uk
Contact phone: 01484 478211


Our programme, like many others focussed on work with children and young people, has a practice learning component that was increasingly complex to manage in part due to competing claims for placements from other programmes such as ITE, social work or youth work. A way had to be found to continue to offer practice learning as an important part of the course in a context of scarcer opportunities but that would also enhance the student experience.
The solution has been the development of 'team' practice learning modules with key partners where a group of students undertakes learning in a single setting rather than in individual settings. Students begin working in teams in class utilising inquiry based learning on projects agreed with tutors, for example, to develop admissions materials and artefacts for the programme. This develops into a change project with the pupils, staff and parents in a placement setting. Importantly the project enables collaboration with other students across the university, for example, with art, drama and music students. As a result, our students receive an enhanced practice learning experience, settings develop work otherwise beyond their resources, and a wider body of students become involved in learning in the wider community.
Throughout students are encouraged to take account of research informed practice and the possibility of enterprising ideas. This is supported across the programme, for example, in assessment vehicles that require the development of tools or artefacts useful in direct work with children and young people. Employability skills are also enhanced.

Ethical Issues

No apparent ethical issues. Should research be undertaken into the learning and teaching strategy discussed University and BERA guidelines will be followed.