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Enhancing the experience of trainee teachers in the lifelong learning sector

Date(s) Tuesday 20 April 2010
Venue University of Huddersfield
Queensgate Campus
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Organised by ESCalate, University of Huddersfield

How can new practitioners in the lifelong learning sector best be supported?

Over ninety percent of teachers,trainers or tutors in the lifelong learning sector are initially employed without a teaching qualification and complete their teacher training on a part-time in-service basis. This can be a challenging situation for new staff who often have to manage heavy workloads while attempting to develop their own practice and for organisations focused on promoting dynamic teaching and learning. 

This conference disseminates findings from a research project entitled "Dual identities: enhancing the in-service teacher trainee experience in the lifelong learning sector."

It will launch two good practice guides, one for teacher educators and one for the employers of trainee teachers.

The event will feature presentations related to the research project and guides.

Workshops will include

• Developing creative resources for teaching
• Giving feedback to trainee teachers
• Integrating theory and practice in teacher education