Resources for storytelling

Produced by Dr Jenny Moon
Description A set of resources for tutors and students. Advice about developing the skills of storytelling and their transfer to disciplines such as education, media, marketing, leisure and tourism. Lists of stories to use and develop.

There is no copyright restrictions on the material featured here.

This resource introduces the skill of telling oral stories.  It is complete and ready for use by tutors and students alike

An introduction to storytelling and the curriculum sets the context for this resource

A guide for tutors explains the purposes of storytelling and how it fits into different curricula

A guide for students explains how to go about using the skills of storytelling

Suggestions for practice sessions provide advice about working with different sized groups and how to deal with limited time and space

The assessment and feedback section suggests ways of planning assessment and feedback and what to consider when evaluating storytelling performances

There is also extensive support materials, including ten stories and further resource listings