Friday Fry Up Event

Grant type: Hot Topic
Round: Hot Topic 2009/10
Amount awarded £50.00
Completed: May 2010
Leader(s): Mrs Lynn Boyle
Organisation: University of Dundee
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01382 831538
Interim report received: 13 May 2010
Final report received: 13 May 2010


Since joining Dundee University 18 months ago I found incidental opportunities for chat and idea sharing difficult to find. I read an article by Dobbins (2009) 'Feeding innovation with Learning Lunches: contextualising academic innovation in higher education', Journal of Further and Higher Education, 33: 4, 411 — 422 and decided to take action. She said that Learning Lunches can often provide new members of University staff with an opportunity to meet new colleagues and forge new friendships.

I asked another new member of staff, Jill Shimi and Dr Lorraine Walsh from the Library and Learning Centre at UOD to help and suggested a learning lunch called the Friday Fry Up where all sorts of things could be put in and hopefully something good might be produced. Just like a traditional Fry Up, each lunch will be different but the chance to meet and have lunch, disseminate good practice and share ideas for teaching and research will be our aim.

Our first lunch was tagged “Web 2.0 what's in it for me?” I produced a flyer with three tools I had been using in my teaching and gave a short introductory talk and then we opened our sandwich boxes! There was discussion around using web 2.0 and an offer from a colleague from the School of computing to bring along a follow up to the to the next meeting to show how the tools can be used for students who may have access difficulties due to disability. The first meeting was attended by colleagues from the School of Nursing, Dentistry, Engineering, Life Sciences, Academic Achievement, Computing and Education, you can imagine the wealth of knowledge and experience which matched this list of attendees.

The second meeting was based around feedback on assessment, when I sent out the invitation I was telephoned by a senior lecturer from the Academic Achievement Teaching Unit who sent me two papers to disseminate and information about a committee who are about to review good policy and practice on feedback across the University.

The outcomes I am hoping for from these events are two fold; initially I hope to be able to meet a wider range of academics from across the schools of the University to enable the sharing of good practice. I also want to be able to discuss issues which are relevant to many lecturers, especially to have these discussions with those who have been academics for many years.

The outcomes for sharing good practice so far have been beyond my initial expectations and we hope to go from strength to strength. A “Fry Up” is a wee treat now and again which everybody enjoys!