ePIC and web 2.0 tools

Grant type: Sharing Ideas
Round: Sharing Ideas 2009/10
Amount awarded £500.00
Completed: July 2010
Leader(s): Dr Aileen McGuigan
Organisation: University of Dundee
Contact Email: a.mcguigan@dundee.ac.uk
Contact phone: 01382 381496

The ePIC (e-learning and professionalism in context) Research and Scholarship Group is based in University of Dundee's School of Education, Social Work and Community Education. The group comprises some 20 academics in the School of Education, Social Work and Community Education, all of whom have research interests in this field.

ePIC plans to host an event on 14 May 2010, at which we will be disseminating our work in the area of educational applications for Web 2.0 tools.

Attendees will be invited from within this institution as well as
colleagues from the local FE sector (HE in FE); the event will offer networking
opportunities as well as dissemination of the innovative work ePIC
members have recently been carrying out with blogs in the context of
professional learning. We hope that the day's event will lead to
inter-sector (FE/HE) and inter-disciplinary collaboration on future
e-learning projects and further professional discussion at subsequent
events involving the network that this event will establish.

The possibility of setting up an open access blog/website (e.g. via Wordpress.com) for the network will be discussed on the day.

We plan to invite Julie Hughes of Wolverhampton University to give a
presentation at the event on her work in supporting reflective learning
through the use of blogs.

Presentations from the day will be made available via Slideshare following the event.