Interactive use of video conferencing in ITT

Grant type: Sharing Ideas
Round: Sharing Ideas 2009/10
Amount awarded £500.00
Completed: April 2010
Leader(s): Ms Jan Machalski
Organisation: Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01522 828156
Interim report received: 13 May 2010
Final report received: 13 May 2010

The idea that I plan to share is using video conferencing in an interactive way in the initial stages of ITT. With a mentor we planned a delivery of planning and AfL in the first two weeks of PGCE/ GTP training. The idea was to contextualise the theory so it no longer seemed dry but relevant and to integrate school experience further into the initial 5-6 weeks theory followed by teaching practice. The pattern was one hour planning in one session or discussing AfL in another session . This was followed by watching the effects of the discussion on a class on a video conference. Finally another hour was allowed to discuss and evaluate what was seen thus beginning to develop trainee evaluation skills.
I want to share this idea because it was perceived as very effective by our trainees. This example of good practice could then be seen by other providers who might use it or develop it so that we receive back our idea further refined. It also would allow us not only to develop our own trainees but take a small part in further development of other trainees with the outcome of teachers who exhibit good practice.
The idea for dissemination is to produce a DVD which can be sent to mentors in our partnership and to other providers. It is also aimed to produce a U tube video. An application to run a workshop at the TEAN conference in Glasgow has been submitted. To produce the DVD and the U tube video it is intended to use pupils from the Cherry Willingham Community School who are members of the Lincoln Young Journalist Academy who want to run this particular venture as a part of Business Enterprise scheme. This is seen as further developing the partnership between the University College and the school where the idea was put into practice.
We intend to also hold a workshop in the teaching and learning conference at Bishop Grosseteste University College. We could easily produce a powerpoint of the process and how it worked. We would intend to produce a web based SIG once we have begun to disseminate information so people who gained interest in the area could blog and develop the ideas further.