Fundamental Movement Skills

Grant type: Hot Topic
Round: Hot Topic 2009/10
Amount awarded £50.00
Completed: March 2010
Leader(s): Ms Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan
Organisation: Bath Spa University - Education
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 077 95055652
Interim report received: 13 May 2010
Final report received: 13 May 2010

Shifting aims, historical changes, and political agendas have led to a plethora of initiatives in all sectors of education. Many of these have impacted on policy and practices in primary physical education (PE), resulting in the marginalisation of PE as one of several foundation subjects, the reduction of PE hours in Initial Teacher Education (ITE), the growth in continuing professional development for primary teachers, and an emphasis on the claimed link between PE and health. Primary PE has therefore evolved tremendously during recent years, and an array of movement programmes and initiatives have developed nationwide in parallel with, and sometimes in partial response to, some of the issues outlined.

One movement programme, 'Fundamental Movement Skills' (STEPS PD), has helped me to find my way through the initiative maze in ITE. Accordingly, I have developed a level 6 Education Studies module entitled ‘Health and Movement in Young Children’ around this 12 hour professional development opportunity, which promotes holistic, play-based, child-centred educational values. My focus within the entire module on the obesity crisis and government health policies in relation to children’s physical development, health and well-being is topical, links directly with the Primary Review, and is certainly proving popular with undergraduates, due to its theory-practice teaching, learning and assessment methods.

I am keen to share a PowerPoint of this ‘hot topic’, detailing some of the key points from my ‘health and movement’ lectures. I have also written several articles about FMS and I am happy to lead a SIG in this domain.