Teacher Educator Induction Project

Leader(s): Professor Jean Murray
Organisation: University of Cumbria
Contact Email: j.m.f.murray@uel.ac.uk

The project team includes:

  • Dr Pete Boyd, University of Cumbria
  • Ms Kim Harris,University of Cumbria
  • Professor Jean Murray, University of East London

The aim of this project is to enhance the academic induction of newly appointed lecturers in teacher education. This includes school teachers who have been appointed to higher education posts that involve training student teachers for early years, primary and secondary age phases. It also includes those lecturers who have recently been appointed to roles that involve training new lecturers in post compulsory education and training; many of these colleagues work in HE in FE contexts. In addition to providing regional workshops for new teacher educators the project will also gather data to inform the revision of academic induction guidance.

A series of regional workshops was held during the spring term to enhance the academic induction of newly appointed lecturers in teacher education.  (Resources to follow)

To include:

The purpose of the workshops is to:

  • meet the differentiated academic expectations for working in higher education on teacher education courses;
  • work effectively with students on initial teacher education and continuing professional development programmes;
  • identify appropriate modes of pedagogy for working with student and experienced teachers;
  • develop appropriate and personalised research, scholarship and knowledge exchange developmental trajectories;
  • be proactive in managing their own induction process.

Over the next three to five years further workshops for new teacher educators across all age phases will be supported by a network of colleagues. The workshops and network will draw together and help to make coherent the range of resources and sources of support for new teacher educators.

New data and collaborative input will include the perspectives and needs of those working in post compulsory teacher training and in HE in FE contexts and influence the second edition and / or a revised format of the ESCalate publication: 'Becoming a Teacher Educator: guidelines for the induction of newly appointed lecturers in Initial Teacher Education'.

Earlier work on teacher education induction, commissioned by ESCalate and published by Jean Murray can be found in the European Journal of Teacher Education

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