Teacher Education Group (TEG)

Completed: September 2010
Leader(s): Professor Ian Menter
Organisation: University of Glasgow
Contact Email: i.menter@educ.gla.ac.uk
URL: http://www.tlrp.org/capacity/rm/wt/teg/

The TEG project team includes:

  • Dr Moira Hulme, University of Glasgow;
  • Professor Marion Jones, Liverpool John Moores University;
  • Professor Pat Mahony, Roehampton University;
  • Professor Jean Murray, University of East London;
  • Dr Karl Wall, Institute of Education, University of London;
  • Research Support: Ian Hextall

Between 2007 and 2009 the Teacher Education Group (TEG) worked under the auspices of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP), with additional sponsorship from ESCalate, BERA and UCET  to support the development of research capacity in teacher education in the UK.

It created an accessible database of around 450 annotated articles about UK research on teacher education, published between 2000 and 2008. 

The TEG group organised three dissemination conferences in the UK followed by face-to-face events and eight presentations at a series of national and international conferences. To assess the impact of the resource TEG collected evaluation data from these events and an on-line questionnaire. The database is highly valued by its users who include education students at various levels of study and academics researching teacher education.  The TEG group have written and published a number of research articles arising from the work.

The database, along with other TLRP capacity building resources will be migrating to the BERA website. It will continue to be available on open access and will continue to serve as a key resource for teacher education researchers.

Please see the links section for the four papers reporting research done by members of the TEG group using the database as a resource.

Video Walkthroughs for the TEG Resource

In 2009-10 the TEG team continued with the refinement of "walkthroughs" which are pedagogical tools within the database to help new users and to help users refine research queries.

The Walkthrough videos were created as part of a HEA/JISC project TEG video Walkthroughs managed by Julie Hughes.

The project is to develop four video resources (Walkthroughs) that present four different advanced users - teacher educators/researchers working with the TEG resource bibliography in ways that make the resource accessible to early career teacher educators, particularly those delivering HE in FE. The Walkthroughs will make a direct contribution to the capacity building potential of the bibliography. The four videos will be based around interviews, talks and discussions with accomplished scholars in teacher education, showing how the resources can support the development of scholarly activity and research. Other beneficiaries will include mentors in schools and other work place settings, teachers, teacher educators and students in HE both in traditional HEI settings and in FECs.

The following videos are displayed using YouTube and can also be located on ESCalate's YouTube Channel.

Karl Wall: Introduction to the TEG resource

Jeanne Keay: Teacher Educators and the TEG resource

Marion Jones: Under pressure? The TEG resource and just starting as a research student and/or studying teacher education part-time

Julie Hughes: Using the TEG resource for CPD in Further Education settings