Adult and Community Learning in South Wales: A Policy and Practice Perspective

Author/Producer Danny Saunders, Lesley Hodgson and Cerys Furlong/ESCalate/HEA Wales
  • Cerys Furlong (NIACE Dysgu Cymru)
  • Lesley Hodgson (University of Glamorgan)
  • Danny Saunders (University of Glamorgan)
Date Published 14 January 2010
Pages 36
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A publication produced in both English and Welsh and aimed at those engaged in Adult Community Learning and community education projects, whether practitioners in the field or policy makers.


In this publication we describe policy and practice around Adult and Community
Learning (ACL) and the successes that can be achieved by universities when they
engage fully with their communities as part of their ‘third mission’ of public service.
We start by reviewing the claims for educational, health and social benefits to
individuals, universities and local communities and we draw on a few case study
illustrations from the GATES project in Merthyr Tydfil, a town located at the top of
one of the South East Wales Valleys. We then explore contexts in Wales where
policy and practice are being developed. Coordinated development of ACL can
deliver significant benefits to all stakeholders when universities become fully
participating members of the communities to which they belong.

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