Exploring the Rules of Engagement via Exemplars: enhancing staff and student dialogue about assessment and learning practice

Grant type: Developing Pedagogy and Practice 2009
Round: Pedagogy and Practice 2009
Amount awarded £5,000.00
Completed: January 2011
Leader(s): Professor Kay Sambell
Organisation: Northumbria University
Contact Email: kay.sambell@unn.ac.uk
Contact phone: 0191 243 7080
Sue Robson
School of Education, Roehampton University
Start Date: 1 January 2010
End Date: 31 December 2010
Interim report received: 13 January 2011
Final report received: 10 January 2011
This project develops a bank of activities and resources to enable Education staff to use concrete exemplars of student work as a means of enabling their students to approach assessment effectively. There will be two inter-related phases, one targetted on staff, one focused on their students. Both phases seek to promote dialogue about the tacit 'rules of engagement' surrounding assessment.