In Conversation with...Alastair Robertson and Gabriel Jezierski

Author/Producer Alastair Robertson/ Gabriel Jezierski and Susanna Dammann
  • Gabriel Jezierski (HEA)
  • Alastair Robertson (HEA)
Published in ESCalate News Issue No.15
Date Published 11 November 2009
Pages 2
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ESCalate asks a series of questions about Alastair's and Gabriel's role within the HEA focussing on their key roles in Scotland, N.I. and Wales


Alastair and Gabriel made time to answer a few questions for ESCalate Newsletter readers, to help us understand their role within the Higher Education Academy. Their title has changed from that of ‘Senior Advisor’ to ‘Head of Policy and Partnerships (HoPP)’ reflecting the importance the Academy attaches to informing and influencing policy in HE through
partnerships with individual institutions.