Newsletter Issue 15 - Autumn 2009

Author/Producer Various/ESCalate
  • Tony Brown (ESCalate)
  • Les Caul (Stranmillis University College)
  • Howard Colley (HEA)
  • Collen Connor (University of Wales Cardiff)
  • Susanna Dammann (ESCalate)
  • Karen Fitzgibbon (University of Glamorgan)
  • Tom Hamilton (GTC for Scotland)
  • Stephan Hurford (Firststyle Ltd)
  • Gabriel Jezierski (HEA)
  • Sabine McKinnon (Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Ian Menter (University of Glasgow)
  • Rob Norris (HEA)
  • Catrin Rednap (The Welsh language Board)
  • Alastair Robertson (HEA)
  • Kim Treasure (University of Glamorgan)
  • Sara Wasson (Edinburgh Napier University)
Date Published 11 November 2009
Pages 40
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The Autumn 2009 edition of our newsletter


Policy, Practice and Partnerships across the Nations.

This latest edition of our termly newsletter brings together articles from across the four UK nations. The pieces address a wide range of topics in Education from a nation's perspective.