Silence as a trigger for support: using online learner support tools

Grant type: Hot Topic
Round: Hot Topic 2009/10
Amount awarded £50.00
Completed: January 2010
Leader(s): Mrs Karen Fitzgibbon
Organisation: University of Glamorgan
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01443 482050
Start Date: 16 September 2009
Interim report received: 28 January 2010
Final report received: 28 January 2010

Over the last eighteen months I have worked with a team of colleagues in the University of Glamorgan to develop two online learner support tools – ‘Early Days’ and ‘Study Health Check’. ‘Early Days’ was released in the first term and focused on students’ integration into their studies and offered advice and support to help overcome the transitional issues often experienced when commencing higher education. It was primarily aimed at first year students, but would also be useful for any direct-entry students and those participating in an Erasmus or international exchange programmes.

The ‘Study Health Check’ was released in the spring term. It focussed on students’ use and understanding of academic resources; how they were coping with the demands of HE and independent study; and the balance they were achieving between socialising, study and other commitments. Study Health Check would be suitable for students studying at any level on any year of their course.

The tools were developed using QuestionMark Perception software which allows for automated feedback. The screen shots below show how the questions are presented to the student. Once they make their selection, and submit their choices for that set of questions (usually about five or six to a screen) they receive automated feedback which provides further sources of information or advice.

Try out the tools for yourself by clicking on this link for ‘Early Days’

Or this link for ‘Study Health Check’