Senior Fellow: Professor John O’Donoghue

Institution University of Central Lancashire
Award Category Senior Fellow
Keywords initial teacher education; e-learning; global classroom; distance-based learning; technology; first generation students
Photo of John O’Donoghue

John's background covers a range of educational experiences; teaching in a
social priority area school, to postgraduate lecturing, advising and consultancy
for both initial teaching training and education. He has held the position of
Chair and President of the ALT. He holds the Chair in Learning Technology at
the University of Central Lancashire as well as a visiting research fellowship in
Australia. These roles embrace academic and pedagogical aspects of
learning and teaching technologies, research, development, implementation
and evaluation. His specialist area is technology use as a medium for student/
pupil services and delivery, learning, teaching and engagement.

John sits on the JISC’s Strategic Committee for Learning and Teaching as
well as a number of JISC expert and advisory boards. He also is an executive
committee member of ascilite – the Australasian society for computers in
learning in tertiary education.

For many years an advocate of the 'global classroom', John has developed a
number of active research links, including the development and application of
computer technology within Russian schools, institutes and universities. His
visits to the former USSR and the CIS have been to instigate a collaborative
study of the application of computer technology to enhance and enrich the
wider curriculum. This cross cultural theme has enabled John to develop a
number of trans-national partnerships considering such aspects as distance
based learning and teaching as well as cultural and infrastructural boundaries
to the learner experience. He used these opportunities - together with his
employment in local government - to develop and extend his research into
information technology and the development and application from both an
academic and a practical perspective.

His current work is within a large Health faculty where he considers the
strategic, practical and operational issues associated with the learning and
teaching of staff and students. This extends to the traditional academic
through to the professional clinician who is engaged in learning and teaching.
Clearly John’s emphasis will be located on utilising technology to support
such engagements, but only where deemed appropriate, useful and an
enhancement to the learning and teaching process. John is actively engaged
with a major project focusing on the impediments to continuation and barriers
to studying for the student new to university and study, particularly first
generation students. He also works with a number of colleagues on the
appropriate and timely feedback mechanisms for staff and students.

John continues to write and publish extensively on the use and exploitation of
the information in information technology. He sits on a number of review,
editorial and programme committees and has edited books around technology
supported learning and personalised learning. These consider both the way
infrastructure, policies and culture affect eLearning intervention and include a
number of case studies.