Putting the I into Identity and other stories

Author/Producer HELP CETL /ESCalate/
  • Alison Banks (City College Plymouth)
  • Janet Bardsley (Cornwall College)
  • Tony Brown (ESCalate)
  • Yvette Bryan (Somerset College)
  • Claire Gray (University of Plymouth)
  • Julie Hughes (ESCalate)
  • Amanda Isaac (North Devon College)
  • Judith Mann (Cornwall College)
  • Maureen Mason (Cornwall College)
  • Liz McKenzie (Truro College)
  • Julie Osborn (City of Bristol College)
  • Martin Rowe (North Devon College)
  • Mark Stone (University of Plymouth)
  • Rebecca Turner (HELP CETL - Plymouth)
  • Rachel Wilkinson (Exeter College)
Date Published 3 July 2009
Pages 34
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Scholarly approaches to the professional identity and development of HE practitioners in FE Colleges in the South West


This publication reports on the work of HELP CETL Award Holders who
have undertaken research projects and/or continuing professional
development activities to support the teaching and learning of HE in FE.
Award Holders who had completed these activities between 2005 and
2008 were invited to participate in a writing group to reflect on their
experiences. Between July 2008 and March 2009 the Award Holders
attended a planning event, writing retreat and follow up workshop where
they were given the time, space and support to develop narratives that
considered their development as HE in FE professionals. Their narratives
are presented in this publication along with an overview of their
personal/professional experiences and their research/continuing
professional development activities.

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