Expanding the capacity to learn of student teachers in Initial Teacher Education

Author/Producer Linda Rush and Annie Fisher
Date Published 8 April 2009
Pages 65
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This paper focuses on L2L as a key aspect of student teachers’ transition from school to ITE and in preparation for lifelong learning.


The paper starts by providing an overview of the L2L agenda, including drivers and definitions. Attention is then paid to the theoretical perspectives and pedagogy associated with the family of learning practices associated with L2L. Drawing on a range of practitioner voices, the challenge of embedding these practices within the sector is then discussed, and important key points in respect of culture and pedagogy are posited. The paper ends with a range of rich, illustrative examples of L2L-informed practice, drawn from seven different ITE settings. To further assist practitioners in developing a conceptual and analytical framework by which to investigate, evaluate and enhance their practice (either at individual, programme or school level) several rhetorical questions are then raised.