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A colloquium on Teaching - a Masters Profession

Date(s) Friday 5 June 2009
Venue University of Cumbria
Lancaster campus - Alexandra building Room AXB006
Bowerham Road
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Organised by ESCalate
     'I feel indifferent about the fact that I studied at M level in my PGCE  course.' NQT.

Have we got it sorted? Are we convinced about Masters? Is anybody out there convinced? Come and spend a day talking about it! This day will allow colleagues time for our own reflection about what we think Masters is with regard to the teaching profession. It will broadly consist of the following areas:

Morning session: In this session, there will be input from Dr Alison Jackson concerning the M level PGCE research undertaken by ten HEIs from England. The focus of the session however will not be on England, or on PGCE but on what we define as 'Mastersness' and what we think this means for the teaching profession. Delegates will be asked to discuss questions about this and colleagues who participated in the original research will facilitate the debate. Delegates will be asked to feed back verbally and in written form.

Afternoon session: In this session we will consider how we teach and assess Masters. There will be a presentation by Dr Beth Dickson, Associate Dean of Teacher Education at Glasgow University. Beth has recently led the accreditation of their new PGDE which offers Masters credits and this will give us an opportunity for a fresh look at one institution's interpretation of 'Masters' and inspire us to re-consider our own. Again delegates will be given the opportunity to discuss questions arising from the input and there will be verbal and written feedback.

The results of both debates will be used to further research into Masters level.