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Becoming a Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education Workshop

Date(s) Monday 23 March 2009
Venue University of Leicester
Fraser Noble Building Rooms 211 and 213
University Road
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Organised by ESCalate

This one-day workshop is designed for new lecturers who are in their first three years in post in Higher Education Institutions, where they have a main responsibility for Initial Teacher Education. We know that different employers can have rather different expectations of your overall roles and responsibilities, but we also know that there are themes and issues that seem to be well recognised features of any transition from being 'expert' in another workplace (such as a school) to becoming expert in the new workplace as a lecturer in education in higher education.

The day will focus on raising awareness of your professional learning and development in relation to your teaching in higher education, your emerging scholarly and research activities, and your roles and responsibilities in relation to your partner schools. It aims to provide a supportive environment for gaining more understanding about factors that impinge on professional learning in the new setting and for sharing, and listening to, a variety of experiences as new teacher educators.

The workshop will engage with the ESCalate guidelines for the induction of new teacher educators (Boyd, Harris and Murray, 2007), which are available at These guidelines were developed as a result of wide collaboration with many teacher educators across the sector in the UK. It builds on the experiences and feedback from participants in previous workshops held by ESCalate since 2007, indicating that new lecturers have felt the workshop is tailored to their particular needs and goes a long way to reducing the sense of isolation in the new role.

In the workshop at Leicester we shall draw into the discussions the latest research evidence of the emerging professional, pedagogical and research identities of new teacher educators.

A new feature of this workshop will be to explore with participants the role and expectations of the designated mentor for new teacher educators, and to share our own experiences of the 'professional learning conversation' in relation critical reflective practice and critical moments in our working lives.


Frankie McKeon and Jennifer Harrison are both highly experienced teacher educators at the University of Leicester, and both have conducted research in this field. Frankie McKeon has taught and researched in primary and secondary ITE, covering a wide number of professional issues and science education: she is currently Head of PGCE Primary Education. Jennifer Harrison has taught and researched in secondary ITE, has previous experience as Head of PGCE secondary education, and is currently coordinating the secondary science PGCE. Her research interests and academic writing centre on professional learning in the workplace and on mentoring in particular. She is co-editor of Reflective Teaching and Learning (Sage 2008).

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