UK ITE Network for Education for Sustainable Development/global citizenship

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2008
Amount awarded £4,997.00
Completed: September 2009
Leader(s): Professor Sally Inman
Organisation: London South Bank University
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 020 7815 8125
Liz Jackson
Head Education, WWF-UK
Paul Jenkins, TDA
Training and Development Agency for Schools
Start Date: 11 December 2008
End Date: 31 July 2009
Interim report received: 26 August 2009
Final report received: 26 August 2009
The UK ITE ESD/GC network was established in July 2007 with funding from ESCalateand other partners. The network has been very successful with representation from nearly all ITE providers in England and growing representation in N Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have established an active UK steering group comprising representives from ITE providers, NGOs, TDA, UCET and ESCalate.We have linked into and, where appropriate, developed regional networks. We are building a web based set of materials including research, good practice and policy (see ) We held a very successful national conference in July 2008 and hope to disseminate papers from the conference in a network/ESCalate publication . We now need to sustain and further develop the network. We are seeking ESCalate funding specifically to: 1. Further develop/ link into regional networks especially those in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales so that practice can be shared across the UK countries 2. To provide support for regional activities where appropriate 3. Provide co-ordination/administration to sustain the expanding network activities during 2008/9 4. Further develop the e library of practice, policy and research in the field of ESD/GC practice and ITE across the UK The outcomes will comprise: 1. Expanded network with more established and co-ordinated regional networks across the UK 2. Effective co-ordination of the growing range of network activities 3. Expansion of the e library of practice, policy and research