Conceptualising learning and teaching for the ‘new lifelong learning sector’

Grant type: Research
Round: Research grant 2008
Amount awarded £9,590.00
Completed: December 2009
Leader(s): Mr Andrew Holmes
Organisation: University of Hull-Continuing Education
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01482 465429
Nick Hooper, Jenny Shaw
Yorkshire and Humber East Lifelong Learning Network
Start Date: 5 January 2009
End Date: 1 September 2009
Interim report received: 1 July 2009
Final report received: 11 November 2009
The project will help develop work-based learning provision within higher education institutions within the YHELLN network. The project has three aims: 1 Develop a new conceptual model based of learning in a business context based on a case study of successful inter-company learning (the Greater Economic Success group or GES) 2 Identify practical lessons for developing learning and teaching for lifelong learning strategies for employed learners at HE level 4 and above in the post-Leitch world 3 Identify the learning and professional development implications for the development of HE/FE Education professionals in the new lifelong learning sector post Leitch. We will develop a model of /for employer engagement in the development of learning and teaching based on transferable outcomes of the Greater Economic Success Group. This will then be used through YHELLN and its partners to engage other employers and work with them to identify and meet learning needs. We will develop training materials developed for HE/FE academics in the University of Hull, YHELLN partner organisations and professionals around the themes of employer engagement and collaborative learning.