Student and Tutor Reflections on how they have Engaged with Inquiry Based Learning in a Business School

Author/Producer Margaret Page, Hugo Gaggiotti and Carol Jarvis with Sophie Hayward, Mariana Lukaj, Liza McCann, University of the West of England.
Published in Academic papers online
Date Published 27 November 2008
Pages 16
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A paper that reflects on some of the key themes that have emerged from research into student and staff experiences of Inquiry Based Learning.


The authors write:

In this paper we set out to introduce the supporting practices we have developed and how they are evolving in hybrid forms in these three different module contexts. We then reflect on some of the key themes that have emerged from our research into student and staff experience. In our research we are primarily interested in how students engage and make sense of our approach, and how tutors can support their engagement and participation, in a context in which the predominant paradigm of learning and teaching is didactic and not let by student inquiry. In particular we are concerned with the emotions experienced in the learning and teaching encounter and how to work with them in the service of student learning.

Our findings draw from two parallel research projects. One of these, funded by the faculty in which we are based, has enabled tutors to develop practices that support student led learning across the three modules we lead, and to invite students to become co-researchers and to explore the qualities of student engagement. The other, funded by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) has created a space for tutors to explore the emotional qualities of their experiences of teaching HIBL, to explore parallels with student experience (Grisoni et al., 2008), and on a more practical level, has funded our participation in the LTEA conference (June 2008).