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Students as Researchers: Novice to Expert; The First Annual ESCalate Student Conference

Date(s) Monday 20 April 2009
Venue Lakeside Centre (Birmingham)
Conference Aston
Aston Triangle
B4 7ET
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Organised by ESCalate


This is an event for Education undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students


The Honours element of most taught programmes requires students to demonstrate an ability to plan and conduct research and to analyse data. Most students following undergraduate and postgraduate education enjoy the research element of their degree, which can provide exciting opportunities for integrating the key theoretical components of taught programmes with the practical ones. For those students at doctoral level the challenge is more complex but equally rewarding.

This conference will consider the value and purpose of small-scale personal research in education for both individuals and groups. We are delighted that Professor James C Conroy has agreed to deliver the key-note talk: Negotiating tricky corners: becoming a researcher in Education. Professor Conroy is Dean in the Faculty of Education at University of Glasgow, and his professional interests include ethics, philosophy and theology in education, and education leadership. Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear students and tutors, including ESCalate student grant holders, discussing their different approaches to working alongside each other to deliver original and relevant results.

Consider applying to present a poster in our student-only poster session. Guidelines and a submission proposal form are available under "Downloads".

There will also be an opportunity for everyone to engage in an Open Space discussion. You will be able to take away fresh ideas and approaches to effective research.


To reserve your place, please:

  1. Register / request registration online. Alternatively, you may fill out the Registration request Word document and email this to
  2. Make your cheque or purchase order out to the University of Bristol, and include your name and institution.
  3. Please send all payments to:

Anne Anderson
University of Bristol
Graduate School of Education
35 Berkeley Square

Alternatively, you may pay by credit card by calling Anne at 0117 331 4291. Please be prepared to give your name (as it appears on the card), your billing address, your postal address (if different), the card's number, start date, expiration date, 3 digit security code, and issue number (if applicable).

Please note you cannot assume your registration has been accepted until you have received confirmation from ESCalate via email that we have received payment.

If ESCalate has not received payment within four weeks of your online registration date we will cancel your registration.

  • ESCalate Student Conference flyer
  • Robin Clark welcomes participants
  • Susanna Dammann welcomes participants
  • Tony Brown welcomes participants
  • Professor James Conroy begins keynote address
  • Jim Conroy's keynote address
  • Jim asks, 'Who asks the question?'
  • Hugo Gaggiotti, Liza McCann, Margaret Page and Daniel Staley present on Inquiry Based Learning
  • Presenting on Inquiry Based Learning
  • Liza McCann discusses Inquiry Based Learning in an art gallery
  • Presenting Getting involved from the word go: students as researchers in the first year undergraduate experience
  • Getting involved from the word go; students share their research experiences
  • Julie Hughes presents on Blogging as data gathering
  • Participants consider blogging as data gathering
  • Joe Gazdula presents on Creating Research Opportunities through Enterprise and Innovation
  • Participants enjoy Liverpool Hope's dance mats
  • Tony Brown joins participants in testing out Liverpool Hope's dance mats
  • Jim Conroy joins other participants to experience Liverpool Hope's dance mats
  • More dance mats fun!
  • Learning the story behind the dance mats
  • Joe Gazdula and Amanda Dalzell explain their Virtual Health Centre
  • Javed Munshi shares on Creating Research Opportunities
  • Joelle Adams shares her research process
  • Joelle presents as part of the session: The Research Process: from Inception to Dissemination
  • Angela Jaap shares her research experiences
  • Susanna and Alexis Taylor chat
  • Joelle, Teresa Nurser and Alexis
  • Participants share their experiences
  • Suzanne Barbalet from Intute takes a break for lunch
  • Intute resources
  • Participants enjoy the sunshine while networking
  • Enjoying lunch, sunshine and each other's company
  • Lunch and sunshine
  • Networking in the sunshine
  • Julie Anderson, Anne Anderson (no relation!) and Susanna
  • Poster session: Positions on Transitions
  • Poster Session: Students as Authors
  • Poster session: A comparison of the creation of the 'same' object in different geometry environments
  • Poster Session: Introducing CLIPP
  • Participants discuss posters
  • Final plenary discussion
  • A wrap-up of questions and answers
  • ESCalate Student Conference logo