Placement Plus Video links

Video images of the student presentations of alternative placements on 4 year QTS primary degree courses are now available to view on the Help Directory. From India to Japan and Art Galleries to Special Schools you will find these make for fascinating viewing. Click on the picture to find the videos on Windows Media Player.

  1. CarolynCarolyn Allen from the University of Cumbria explains a placement in an Art Gallery.

  1. Sally Roddy and Nikki Hamnett from the University of Cumbria discuss Nikki & Sallytheir placement in a Special School.

  1. Andy Ash and Alison Broun from Liverpool John Moores University ‘threw John Mooresout the timetable’ at one adventurous primary school.

  1. Jonathan Hughes from Liverpool Hope University visited schools in the JohnnyUSA.

  1. Adelle Ronson from Liverpool Hope University discussed her experiences Adellein India.

6.   DavidDavid Meechan from Newman University College travelled to Japan.

  1. Lisa Palfrey, Louise Chance and Rachel Dovey from Newman University College found life in Africa very different.Newman