First Class!

Author(s) John Mower
Publisher University of Hertfordshire Press
Published 2008
Pages 240
Price £7.99
ISBN 9781902806907
Reviewed by Mrs Natalie Carry
Newman University College
Review published 17 December 2008

On initial reading, First Class, appeared to be yet another anecdotal tale of the woeful experiences of a classroom teacher. However, a few more pages in and Mower's insightful story of a newly qualified teacher's (NQT) experiences in the primary setting are not only accurate but highly amusing.

Written as a novel, First Class is a breath of fresh air for any NQT or trainee teacher needing a break from the standard academic text whilst still being guided as to the types of experiences they can expect as they embark on their careers. Mower is able to capture the most nerve wrenching as well as the most rewarding moments for any teacher in the classroom, in the context of this compelling read.

Adrian Grey, NQT, faces a series of challenges and moments of clear anxiety and frustration which most of us can certainly identify with. However, Adrian's progression and growing confidence throughout this book, as he reflects on his teaching and establishes positive relationships with both colleagues and pupils, is motivating and reassuring.

For those seeking a light-hearted read that will have you tittering aloud empathetically, I fully recommend this text.