Enquiry-based learning

Author/Producer Dr Paul Tosey et al/ESCalate
Date Published 2 June 2008
Pages 17
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A project resource from The Learning to Learn through Supported Enquiry Project team, based at University of Surrey. With case studies in CD format


Background/Rationale of the project

The project, which began in early 2005, has promoted innovation in educationalpractice through supported enquiry-based learning (EBL). It was based on established postgraduate practices at the University of Surrey and sought to support related developments in undergraduate programmes. Initially, the project sought to embed 'learning to learn’ in five programmes at Surrey. We used an enquiry-based approach to change, by working together with course teams to support locally-owned developments. The project aimed to create educational innovation through incremental change.

'Learning to learn' is a significant and valuable potential output from supported EBL.This involves expanding capacities to think about how we as individuals learn; exploring beliefs and attitudes towards learning that provide an intrinsic source of motivation; and developing skills of learning and acting that make use of one's knowledge about self. These qualities contribute to capacities for professional action, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The project has had many benefits for students and for staff, with information beingdisseminated through The University of Surrey learning & teaching events. To createnational impact the project has participated in the Learning through Enquiry Alliancenetwork, has hosted resources on relevant Higher Education Academy websites, and participated in national conferences and development events.

For more information about the project or report contact Paul Tosey, P.Tosey@surrey.ac.uk