ESCalate Bulletin No. 36 (17 April 2008)


  1. Introduction
  2. ESCalate Events
  3. External events
  4. Survey on Accessibility advice - prizes for completion!
  5. An ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Update
  6. Dragon's Den - A primary schools project
  7. Last Internationalisation focus group event - May 6th, York
  8. Fostering Creativity a new Discussion Series booklet from Dr Paul Howard Jones
  9. Teacher Education Group: a new resource for researchers
  10. A free trial offer from the Document Summary Service
  11. We’re All OK: A Small-Scale Study Using Transactional Analysis to Modify Behaviour in 14-19 Year Olds at a Further Education College
  12. Recent resources on the web


Welcome to our spring bulletin. We have our usual selection of events, resources and updates for you, plus articles from the community. If you would like to suggest an article for inclusion in our next issue, could you send your material to by June 2nd and we will do our best to include it.

We hope you enjoy reading this latest bulletin and indeed hope to see you at some of our events in the coming months.

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ESCalate Events

Here is a list of forthcoming ESCalate events. View details online, sign up for those that interest you and / or please recommend to colleagues.

The Teaching-Research Interface: Implications for Practice in HE and FE
Tue 29-Wed 30 April 2008 Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling
Internationalisation Research Focus Groups for Students and Staff-Fifth in a series
Tue 6 May 2008 University of York, Psychology Building, PS/B002
4th Annual ESCalate ITE Conference - Innovation and Development in Initial Teacher Education
Fri 16 May 2008 University of Cumbria, Carlisle
E-Learning: Part of a series
Mon 2 June 2008 Swansea Metropolitan University
E-Learning, with a focus on ITE: part of a series
Tue 10 June 2008 St Mary's University College, Belfast
Assessment in Higher Education Conference
Wed 9 July 2008 University of Cumbria, Carlisle Campus, Carlisle
UK ITE network for Education for Sustainable Development/Global Citizenship
Thu 10 July 2008 Central London (TBA)
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External events

Here is a list of exciting external events that we have been asked to advertise. Please contact the organiser directly. For more events go to

1. Supporting international students: staff development training Fri 18 April 2008

This event is intended for teaching staff who work with international students. It will present a training pack commissioned by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS) for use by education developers (workshop mode) or by individual staff (online mode).

Kings College London

2. Workshop: Employability and professional learning Fri 25 April 2008

Organised by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS), this workshop will showcase projects, initiatives and research undertaken by different CETLs in the fields of employability and professional learning

Sheffield Hallam University

3. Learning as if doing things differently mattered (hosted by Practice-based Professional Learning CETL) Wed 30th April 2008

What would learning look like if we wanted to change the world around us rather than change the interior of a person? Caroline Ramsey will lead a discussion around what practice centred learning might involve.

Open University Milton Keynes

4. Engaging with Student Expectations Thurs - Fri 8-9 May 2008

Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) Spring Conference 2008

Royal National Hotel; Bloomsbury, London

5. Let's get physical: Putting the health into learning and teaching about mental health Thurs 22nd May

Contact: Karen Ridout
Phone: 020 8411 5018

A free one-day conference organised by Middlesex CETL and the Mental Health in Higher Education Project (Mhhe)

Middlesex University, Archway Campus

6. Why character matters in practice-based learning (hosted by Practice-based Professional Learning CETL) Wed 28th May

Led by Ann Gallagher, this seminar is based on recent PhD research exploring the relations between practice and teaching your practice to others.

Open University, Milton Keynes

7. Telling ePortfolio Stories 'The Road to Stickiness' Conference 2008 Thurs 5th June 2008

City Campus, University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton,

8. The Gender Agenda & Improving access to and uptake of research by different stakeholders Tues 10th June

Contact: Victoria White

From the Department for Children, Schools and Families: a series of activities with schools, universities and local authorities to identify, develop, and share evidence and good practice in improving the education of underperforming boys and girls.

University of Warwick

9. The Third International Blended Learning Conference Wed 18-Thu 19 June 2008

Enhancing the Student Experience - Call for Papers, Case Studies and Posters - the aims of the conference are to explore how embedding the use of technology alongside more traditional face-to-face teaching can enhance the student experience.

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK

10. This Learning Life 2 Thu 19-Sat 21 June 2008

The Second International Conference on Education for Real - Life Learning

University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education

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Survey on Accessibility advice - prizes for completion!

As you may know from reading their regular slot in our ESCalate Newsletters, the JISC TechDis service provides advice and guidance on the use of technology to achieve a more accessible experience for students and staff in higher and further education. In order to assess their impact in the HE sector, and to inform their future work areas, they are undertaking a web-based survey. They are seeking responses from anyone and everyone working in HE, from a wide range of subject disciplines, role areas and institutions. They are offering everyone who completes the survey the chance to be included in a draw for one of 8 £25 book tokens (usable online and in stores), although it is also possible to complete the survey anonymously.

As a JISC funded service, TechDis must deliver what the sector requires in terms of advice and guidance on accessibility, disability and technology. This is your chance to help ensure that the interests of your subject area or your role group are represented and your needs are met in this area. Even if you have never heard of TechDis please tell us so using the survey - this is still very valuable information!

The survey can be found at - it should take between 2 and 10 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of information you wish to include in your responses. The TechDis team would like to thank you in advance for completing the survey.

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An ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Update

4th ESCalate ITE conference

Preparations for our 4th conference at the University of Cumbria on May 16th 2008 are well underway. With over 90 delegates already booked we are set to have a full house with plenty of opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the sector. Come along to join debates which promise excellent ideas for your practice. To book your place and find out further details, go to .

Conference proceedings

Last year’s conference proceedings from the 3rd ESCalate conference held in 2007 are available on the website at . We also intend to send hard copies to your institutions’ libraries and have some available at this year’s conference. The proceedings are proving invaluable for enriching research and scholarly activity across the sector.

M level PGCE research

The next stages of the Masters level PGCE research pilot will be underway in the summer term and we hope to have more data to share with you in the Help Directory. We have plans to continue this vitally important research with an aim to suggesting ideas for practice. Your contribution to this debate is very important and we welcome all your ideas and suggestions.


We have exciting new plans for the ITE Help Directory as the capacity available is being extended so that we can include a rich range of folders on a variety of topics and from a variety of institutions. More of this in the next bulletin, but keep an eye on the News from ESCalate to track developments.

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Dragon's Den - A primary schools project

For the last 2 years Joe Gazdula at Liverpool Hope University has been involved with students from their Education Studies Pathway working with Liverpool Local Authority to deliver a primary schools project 'The Dragons Den.' Students from the Enterprise Education module are given a short skills session on running an enterprise club to set up a sustainable profit making enterprise with primary children and then guided through the programme by a mixture of consultations and learning assessment. This is judged by managers from national organisations at St. Georges Hall Liverpool. Joe says that year on year feedback shows students are more motivated and have better attainment than on taught modules.

For more information read below Joe's account of his work that appeared in a Liverpool newspaper. If you are doing something similar or would like to share some of your experiences with any Education programme, please get in touch at We'd be delighted to showcase your work here and on the website.

Dragons Den Roars Again!

The Second pilot Dragons Den for Schools went ahead at St Georges Hall in Liverpool with 13 schools reaching the finals. Enterprise Education at Liverpool Hope have been work closely with Liverpool Children’s Services to support the event and provided enterprise training for Schoolteachers, Classroom Assistants, and pupils, helping them develop innovative new ideas to bring to market. The event is endorsed by Peter Jones of BBC’s Dragons Den TV show.

Students from the Education Studies Enterprise module then ran school ‘clubs’ with the pupils to develop the ideas into ‘companies’ so their ideas could be turned into products and sold. Windsor Primary won Key Stage One prize for Infants company ‘Windsor Wonderchefs’ produced Dinnermats and Cards with healthy eating ideas. The Key Stage Two prize for Juniors winners were Sacred Heart Catholic Primary whose company ‘Marvellous Movie Makers’ made a healthy living DVD to encourage primary schoolchildren to lead a Healthy Lifestyle. Ideas included ‘Schoolopoly’ which was endorsed by Waddingtons who make ‘Monopoly,’ Last year products displayed at the event were taken on to market by Virgin and even round the world on the clipper yacht Liverpool 08.

Large crowds attended the event and many stalls ran out of product and had large order list for products. Hope students said they found the experience very exciting; they would like to do something similar next, perhaps as volunteers. The products were assessed for financial viability by a panel of Judges from some of Liverpool’s key organisations including Starbucks and Regional Rail. The closing speech was delivered by Liverpool's Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr. Steve Rotherham who thanked everyone for a splendid afternoon.

Hope students were highly praised by Liverpool Children’s Service representative Barbara Gowans and many of the schools expressed their gratitude for the hard work they had put into running the clubs. Judge and Director of Enterprise for the Education Deanery, Joe Gazdula, said “We all had a great day out and the young entrepreneurs once again showed a fantastic appetite for creativity and enterprise."

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Last Internationalisation focus group event - May 6th, York

How does our diverse student population impact teaching and learning?

The last HEA funded inter subject discipline internationalisation focus groups will be held on May 6th at the University of York.

Colleagues from all disciplines, both staff and your students - if you would encourage them to come along - both home and international are very welcome indeed to attend. Do sign up so we know how big a space to book and to arrange numbers for the lunch which all participants are invited to.

Please note that we would be especially delighted to talk to home students about how they feel they may have benefited from sharing courses with students from a range of cultures. They are currently under represented in the data.

Please go to the event page for more details and for registering for the event.

Hope to see you there. Thank you.

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Fostering Creativity a new Discussion Series booklet from Dr Paul Howard Jones

The UK government presently considers creativity to be a key “employability” skill in terms of the creative industries and beyond, including within the sectors of science and technology (DCMS, 2007). There has been a recent flourishing of interest in the nurturing of creativity among young people (Roberts, 2006, Downing et al., 2007) and yet the provision of support for teachers and trainee teachers to achieve this remains a major challenge for education. This report contributes to meeting this challenge by reviewing the concepts and understanding about creativity that arose from a recent project in drama education. The project, funded by ESCalate, aimed to develop the reflective capability of trainee drama teachers regarding the fostering of creative thinking through enhancing awareness of the underlying cognitive and neurocognitive processes. Such an aim attends to the calls of those such as Chappell (2007) who have also highlighted the need within teacher training for a increased emphasis upon reflective practice in ‘teaching for creativity’. Read the complete publication

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Teacher Education Group: a new resource for researchers

With support from TLRP[1], BERA[2], UCET[3] and ESCalate, the Teacher Education Group (TEG) has developed a major new resource for researchers working in teacher education in the UK.

The resource has been launched at two conferences, both over-subscribed. The first was held at the University of Glasgow on January 5 and the second one at Roehampton University on March 7.

A third launch event has now been arranged to take place in Liverpool on Thursday 15 May at Liverpool John Moores University (details available at )

The resource is a searchable database of 278 items. These items consist of the details and abstracts of journal articles published between 2000 and 2006 reporting research on teacher education carried out within the UK.

Among a range of strengths of the resource as judged by some of the delegates to the Glasgow conference were:

  • The fact that it is a rigorous accessible database of quality research studies that you can turn to and because it is organised by themes….
  • Very user friendly and easy to navigate. It is a good starting point for new researchers.

To access the TEG resource, please go to:

Ian Menter

University of Glasgow

[1] The Teaching and Learning Research Programme (of the Economic and Social Research Council)
[2] British Educational Research Association, which has a Special Interest Group concerned with teacher Education and Development.
[3] The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers.
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A free trial offer from the Document Summary Service

The Document Summary Service is a monthly service provided by the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol to help subscribers keep up-to-date with the latest government thinking on educational issues.

Here is a sampling of this month’s summarised documents:

  • Mathematics Teaching In Early Years Settings And Primary SchoolsA Summary of the Williams Review Interim Report, March 2008
  • Promoting Achievement, Valuing Success: A Strategy for 14-19 Qualifications A Summary of the Government White Paper - Cm 7354, March 2008
  • Evaluation Of The Primary And Secondary National Strategies 2005-07 A Summary of the Ofsted Report, Ref No: 070033, February 2008
  • Developing Financially Capable Young People A survey of good practice in personal finance education for 11-18-year-olds in schools and colleges. A Summary of the Ofsted Report - Ref. 070029, January 2008
  • SENCO Regulations New draft regulations for consultation A Summary of the DCSF publication, March 2008
  • Transition From Primary To Secondary School A Summary of the DCSF Research Report - Ref. DCSF-RR019, January 2008

If you are interested in accessing these summaries, or finding out more information about this service, please visit the Document Summary Service’s website. You may also access this website to request a free three month trial.

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We’re All OK: A Small-Scale Study Using Transactional Analysis to Modify Behaviour in 14-19 Year Olds at a Further Education College

We are lecturers at City of Wolverhampton College. Between us we have 20 years experience teaching on the In-Service Certificate in Education franchised to City of Wolverhampton College by Wolverhampton University.

We are also interested in transformative nature of Transactional Analysis. Eric Berne developed TA as a method of dealing with behavioural disorders. In TA terms, our personality is structured into three ‘ego states’: Parent, Adult, Child. If we can identify which ego state is triggered in our communications with others, we can understand more about the interaction, and, crucially, we can change unsatisfactory transactions. In TA terms, we can all be ‘OK’.

For the full article please click here

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Recent resources on the web

Below is a listing of all the new resources added to the ESCalate website in the last few weeks. They include recent book reviews, articles and publications. If you want to always be kept in touch with our list of resources please click on the RSS link at the bottom of our resources page or visit the page whenever you can.
Science education students taking ownership of their learning
31 March 2008
Book review: The literature review: a step-by-step guide for students
28 March 2008
Book review: Action research in the classroom
28 March 2008
Book Review: The Travels of a Journey-Man Teacher
27 March 2008
Book Review: Teaching with e-Learning in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Second Edition
11 March 2008
Powerful evidence: challenging perspectives on personal tutoring
11 March 2008
Education 2020
6 March 2008
Virtual worlds in education
6 March 2008
A capacity study into ICT classrooms in secondary schools
6 March 2008
Assessment as a driver for transformational change in HE
6 March 2008
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