Newsletter Issue 10 - Spring 2008

Author/Producer ESCalate
Published in February 2008
Date Published 28 February 2008
Pages 32
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A technology and e-learning special edition


This is a special edition of ESCalate news edited by Eddie

Gulc of the Higher Education Academy and aims to explore

some of the ways technology and e-learning are enhancing

the way we teach and our learners learn.

In this issue:

  • Learning 2.0 harnessing technology to enhance education - Eddie Gulc
  • Interactive, collaborative online learning for undergraduates - Mike Jeffries Harris
  • Creativity in technology rich, flexible learning spaces, InQbate - Diane Brewster and Tom Hamilton
  • Potential impact and influence on education, Web 2.0 - Julie Hughes and Kevin Brace
  • No cost technologies, Tech Dis - Simon Ball
  • Higher education opportunities, The iPod generation - Steve Rose
  • A driver for transformational change, Assessment - Professor David Nicol
  • A capacity Study - Pat Jefferies
  • Online 3D environments - Fiona Littleton and Sian Bayne
  • Technology taking us forward - Stephen Heppell
  • Internal and External events