ESCalate Bulletin No. 35 (14 February 2008)


  1. Welcome
  2. ESCalate events
  3. External events listing
  4. Internationalisation project - Focus group events
  5. Spring E-Learning events
  6. A magazine written for Physical Education Tutors and Students
  7. What is a CETT? (Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training) and how can they help?
  8. An ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Update
  9. The Teacher Education Group (TEG) launch a new research resource
  10. 2008 Research funding round - deadline for EOI's April 3rd
  11. Successful projects in our last Development Grant round
  12. Internet Resources for Education: Best of the Web Booklet
  13. New book reviews
  14. Recent resources
  15. A Heartfelt Message


This is our first newsletter of 2008, we have a whole host of new events for the coming months, hopefully you can find time to come along and meet us. In addition if you have suggestions for workshops or seminars do contact us at and we can talk about your ideas.

Dr Fiona Hyland a researcher has joined the Bristol team to work with us on our Internationalisation project. With Dr Julie Anderson and Anne Anderson the team are setting up a series of focus groups to gather data for this project, if you can come along, please do. Please see the section below.

Our next ESCalate newsletter will be posted out at the beginning of March. This edition has the theme of E-Learning and is guest edited by Eddie Gulc of the HEA. If you would like to receive a copy please tick the request box on your member page alternatively it will be available for download and viewing on our web site.

If you any items, feedback, news or events you would like us to feature in our bi-monthly e-bulletin please contact, we welcome any suggestions.

We hope you enjoy reading all the articles

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ESCalate events

Here are the ESCalate events coming up in the next few months; please click on the link for more details. For a complete listing of events please visit the events section of our website

1. Internationalisation Research Focus Groups for Students and Staff-First in a series

Fri 15 February 2008 De Montfort University, Leicester

2. Credit Where It's Due...

Thu 6 March 2008 Oxford Brookes University

3. Mapping and Using Teacher Education Research

Fri 7 March 2008 Roehampton University, London

4. Internationalisation Research Focus Groups for Students and Staff-Second in a series

Tue 11 March 2008 University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education

5. RSC Higher Education Conference 2008

Tue 18 March 2008 South Birmingham College, Digbeth Campus, Birmingham, West Midlands

6. A Seminar on Creativity

Tue 8 April 2008 Open University, Milton Keynes

7. Assessment seminar - Assessment:Challenging Practice

Thu 17 April 2008 University of Gloucestershire

8. The Teaching-Research Interface: Implications for Practice in HE and FE

Tue 29-Wed 30 April 2008 Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling

9. 4th Annual ESCalate ITE Conference - Innovation and Development in Initial Teacher Education

Fri 16 May 2008 University of Cumbria, Carlisle

10. E-Learning: Part of a series

Mon 2 June 2008 Swansea University

11. E-Learning, with a focus on ITE: Part of a series

Tue 10 June 2008 St Mary's University College, Belfast

12. Assessment in Higher Education Conference

Wed 9 July 2008 University of Cumbria, Carlisle Campus, Carlisle

13. UK ITE network for Education for Sustainable Development/Global Citizenship

Thu 10 July 2008 Central London (TBA)

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External events listing

Here is a list of External Events that we feel might be of interest, please click on the link for more information.

1. "Autonomous Teachers for Autonomous Learners" Thursday 21st Feb

The Elizabeth Adams Memorial Lecture to be given by Professor Tyrrell Burgess, Elvin Hall, IOE, London.

2. Towards Research-Informed Teaching Friday 22nd February
This colloquium will explore what is meant by ‘Research Informed Teaching’ and will allow participants to present and share good practice in an informal atmosphere
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

What Do We Want Our Students To Be?’ Lecture Series will bring together leading figures from the world of higher education, the national policy arena, and the business community to address a range of key questions.

University of Nottingham

4. Towards Professional Wisdom Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th March

What is needed for effective professional practice in such ‘people professions’ as social work, teaching, nursing, ministry, psychotherapy and counselling?

University of Edinburgh

5. UKCLE E-learning seminar series 2007/08 Wednesday 26th March

This is the third in the Subject Centre for Law's series and its theme is Mobile Learning. The aim is to provide four one day seminars which will deliver stimulating and challenging presentations and encourage dialogue on four key themes.

Glasgow Caledonian University

6. Innovation through Partnership Tuesday 8th April

JISC Regional Suport Centre South West HE Conference 2008

@Bristol, Bristol

7. Survey Measurement: Assessing the Reliability and Validity of Contemporary Questionnaire Items Thursday 10th April

This one day conference is the second in the series and will bring together international experts who will consider issues in survey measurement, in particular assessment of the validity and reliability of contemporary questionnaire items

The Royal Statistical Society, Errol Street, London

8. The Third International Blended Learning Conference Wednesday 18th - Thursday 19th June

Enhancing the Student Experience - Call for Papers, Case Studies and Posters - the aims of the conference are to explore how embedding the use of technology alongside more traditional face-to-face teaching can enhance the student experience.

University of Hertfordshire

9. This Learning Life 2 Thursday 19th - Saturday 21st June

The Second International Conference on Education for Real -Life Learning

Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

10. Writing Development in Higher Education Conference 2008 Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th June

Conference theme: Times and Spaces for Writing

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

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Internationalisation project - Focus group events

The Higher Education Academy and HEA Subject Centre’s Internationalisation Project - led by ESCalate and LLAS

The main aim of this project is to explore perceptions and practice in internationalising the curriculum from a discipline, practitioner and student perspective.

Researchers will engage with staff and students in order to identify ways in which an internationalised curriculum can have an impact on the learning and teaching experience of UK and international students and staff.

This will be achieved initially through focus groups.These focus groups will be in various locations, each hosted by a different subject centre.

Any students or staff (home or international) interested in the issues explored in this research are welcome to share their thoughts and experiences in a comfortable, nonthreatening environment.

Refreshments will be provided.

The groups will all be video and audio taped in order for your input to be captured for research purposes.

Each focus group will be interdisciplinary and open to all levels of students, undergraduate through postgraduate, and, as stated above, both home and international. You are welcome to attend the most convenient location and date.

The schedule for the focus groups is currently:

15 February, De Montfort University, Leicester

11 March, University of Bristol, Bristol

March, University of Birmingham(tba)

13 March London Metropolitan University

Early May, University of York(tba)

Events will be announced on our ESCalate website as they become finalised. If you are interested in more information or in registering to attend one of the focus groups, please contact

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Spring E-Learning events

E-Learning events

Is E-Learning one of those subjects you keep meaning to find out more about? This spring a series of E-Learning events will be held throughout the UK, arranged by ESCalate and sponsored by JISC.

Thank you to everyone who generously offered venues after the last Bulletin; we have been delighted by the amount of support and interest these events have generated.

Each E-Learning event will have a slightly different focus/ context- but all will have something for both the novice as well as the more experienced practitioner.


Falmouth - 14 April

Glasgow - TBC

Swansea - 2 June

Belfast – Northern Ireland, June 10th confirmed, ITE context focus

Draft Programme - details to be confirmed

10:00-10:30 Registration & Coffee/Tea

10:30-10:45 Julie Anderson, ESCalate and local hosts: Welcome and outline of the day

10:45-11:00 Regional JISC representative - share headlines about current work

11:00-11:50 Speaker; Julie Hughes (Wolverhampton) or Derek Young / Allan Blake (ESCalate & Stirling) e Personal Development Planning/ Integration of e-Portfolios into ITE: The learner perspective.

11:50-12:00 Break

12:00-12:45 Martin Hawksey or Catherine Owen (REAP)- (Strathclyde)The REAP project has developed strategies for embedding new ideas about assessment into institutional policies and quality enhancement processes and will share outcomes.

12:45-1:00 Julie Anderson: brief talk about work of ESCalate and how you can be involved

1:00-1:45 Lunch - with networking opportunities!

1:45-3:15 Federica Olivero ( Bristol) Videopapers: How new technology can support more effective use of video, stills photography, and text, especially in relation to students’ work with tutors

3:15- end Optional Session / Poster from local institution on e learning initiatives

As usual, events will be announced on our website as they become finalised or, if you have signed up with us, information will be emailed to you. Either way, if you are interested in more information or in registering to attend, please contact

Please note because of the hands-on nature of these events, numbers are likely to be limited. Of course, you should participate as you are most comfortable, according to your preference and expertise

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A magazine written for Physical Education Tutors and Students


If you are working with PE students on your ITE or PGCE course then this may be of interest to both you and them.

Balls Sports Magazine has been designed to work in
conjunction with the academic PE text books.

Articles are written by PE teachers, examiners and experts in the sports
industry to help the students understand the academic
theory. There is information on the upcoming Sports Relief Day in March as well as lesson ideas and resources.

"Balls Sport Magazine is rich with relevant material for..... Physical
Education students." quote from Chief Examiner for a PE exam board

To receive an information booklet or to preview
articles you are welcome to visit

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What is a CETT? (Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training) and how can they help?

In 2007 DfES selected 11 bids to develop Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETTs). The concept of CETTs was first introduced in the DfES report “Equipping our Teachers” published in 2005, which identified CETTs as one of the key reforms taking place in 2007 to support enhanced initial teacher training in the post compulsory sector.

The eleven CETTs are based across England, yet there is no national coverage with some regions having three CETTs and two regions having none. The set-up of the CETTs is varied. The majority are lead by HEIs, usually in partnership with colleges, some have a specialised aim, whereas others take a more generic approach.

The CETT programme is funded for three years, with year one funding being the same for each CETT. year two funding will be less and will be based on achieving year one outcomes and year three funding will be less again. Many CETTs are looking into ways of ensuring sustainability rather than seeing CETTs as a short-lived initiative. The CETTs are managed by the Quality Improvement Agency (QIA) during the three-year timescale.

The East of England CETT (EECETT) is regional with national links, and uses networks of ITT providers and representatives of employer groups to ensure that expertise is shared, capacity is increased and the quality of provision is improved. For further information on EECETT or any other CETT, see the QIA Excellence gateway website -

Veronica Windmill ACER

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An ITE (Initial Teacher Education) Update

The New Year has started with lots of activity at ESCalate in Cumbria. We welcome a new administrator to the team, Sue Scowcroft, and wish her well in her new role. Look out for her name on correspondence; her e-mail is . We hope also that the ESCalate e-mail at Cumbria will be fully operational very shortly and that you will no longer have difficulty getting through to us – . Full instructions will go onto the website for the events planned for the coming months.

4th ESCalate ITE conference

The call for papers for our 4th conference on May 16th 2008 is now closed and we have received a wide range of papers. It certainly seems as though we have excellent input again this year. The conference will be held at the Carlisle campus this year – just one hour from our usual venue in Lancaster. Professor Ian Menter from the University of Glasgow will be giving the keynote and has a tantalising title for us: ‘Teacher education in the UK: the peculiarities of the English - and of the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish!’ I can’t wait to hear what these peculiarities are! The conference flyer and booking forms will be up on the website shortly.

Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings from the 3rd ESCalate conference, held in 2007 are being published and will soon be ready for the website and also in hard copy – watch out for a news item announcing their arrival. There are some excellent articles by colleagues which I am sure you will find make fascinating reading.

M level PGCE research

The M level PGCE research pilot project is well under way with data collected from a range of HEIs. The project was presented at the UCET (University Council for the Education of Teachers) conference in November and details from the presentation are available on the website as is an update of progress. Please add your voice to the debate, we would love to hear from you. The information is in the Help Directory on the website at and .

Multi-agency Working

We present a new resource for you to use with your students on multi-agency working. This is on the Help Directory under the Busy Guide heading and has been produced by the University of Cumbria and Leeds Metropolitan University. It is a 2 hour workshop for students at any stage in their course – 3 year, 4 year or PGCE – with full teacher’s notes and PowerPoint presentation, including a clip from Teacher’s TV. It is not country specific and is designed to give students broad brushstrokes to introduce them to the concept of multi-agency working. If you would like to buy a copy of the resource there are instructions on the website of how to do this, but you can use it straight from the web if you prefer. This is a new venture this year and we would like to hear your impressions. If it proves popular, we will consider repeating the idea with other themes – any ideas? The web reference is .


We are pleased to announce two seminars for April – one on Creativity and one on Assessment. These are in the planning stages at present and full details will shortly appear on the website.

The details are:

Creativity seminar: The Open University, Milton Keynes

Date: 8th April, 2007

Assessment seminar: Challenging PracticeUniversity of Gloucestershire

April 17th 2008


We are always interested to hear about ideas for workshops that you or your colleagues could present to the community. If you have any ideas, however vague in the first instance, please contact

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The Teacher Education Group (TEG) launch a new research resource

The Teacher Education Group (TEG)

launched a valuable new resource at the University of Glasgow on 5
February. A second launch is planned at Roehampton in March

The resource is a database of carefully selected articles written between
2000 and 2006 on teacher education research. It is an easy resource to use
with sophisticated search options and will be invaluable to those
interested in teacher education research.

The initiative is a response to the need to challenge the limited
opportunities that some teacher educators have, to engage fully in
research and scholarly activity within their institution. University based
teacher educators can find themselves with a heavier teaching load than
non-ITE colleagues, and those entering from schools may not have had
training in research methods or making grant applications.

The TEG initiative is an important step forward in providing a resource
for teacher educators who want to engage in research and ESCalate is very
pleased to support this initiative.

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2008 Research funding round - deadline for EOI's April 3rd

The theme for the annual Research grants is Employer engagement/ Employability. This is a deliberately wide ranging theme which should allow any colleague working on an Education course in the UK to create a suitable project bid if they wish. Please note though that Employer engagement/ Employability needs to be the substantial focus of the work!

Details about how to apply are on the website pages at . The deadline for expressions of interest (EOI) is April 2008.

There are links to both HE Academy work in this field as well as links to other ESCalate specific work such as the online employability module and the Discussions series booklets for staff and students with photocopiable resources. These links may help colleagues with their own ideas; for example some of you may wish to use the free resources and embed them in your own course and create a research bid around that. Whether that appeals to you or not, do take a look at what is there as any successful EOI/ bid would be expected to demonstrate some awareness of what has already been done.

We are currently considering inviting successful EOI bidders to an event where they can present their ideas to a panel. We would be interested in feedback on this idea to The intention is that it would shorten the process and help projects start sooner - but if not popular with colleagues we will leave the process as before.

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Successful projects in our last Development Grant round

Five projects have been successful in our October 2007 round of Development Grant funding. It was a very hard fought round with excellent submissions from across the UK. However we can only fund a certain amount of projects and these were ones which best exemplify good practice and resources for ESCalate in the future.

1. Hearing the student voice: involving students in curriculum design and development

Ms Fiona Campbell, Napier University

Professor Ranald Macdonald, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Graham Holden, Sheffield Hallam University
4. Powerful evidence: Challenging perspectives on personal tutoring
Gill Whittaker, University of Bolton (no project page at present)
5. A consideration of the appropriateness of observing HE lectures in an FE environment
Richard Tyrer, Bournemouth University (no project page at present)

If you would like to put in a bid for the next round of funding this will be on October 15th 2009. For more details please click here.

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Internet Resources for Education: Best of the Web Booklet

Keep a look out for a free A5 colour booklet that will be distributed with the February newsletter. The booklet provides an overview of some of the best Web sites for Education and gives a sample of the online resources you can find using Intute - a free Internet service designed to help students, lecturers and researchers find the best of the Web for their education and research.

Intute is created by university subject specialists, and offers over 120,000 links to academic content on the Web, as well as a suite of Internet training tutorials. The Intute: Education section is available from or why not try out the online tutorial for Education designed to help students improve their Internet research skills at

Recipients of the newsletter will receive two copies of the booklet, please pass one on to an interested colleague in your department.

PDF and online versions will be made available shortly through

For more details about the service contact Debra Hiom

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New book reviews

We receive a wide selection of books for review from publishers. You can also submit a review of a book that you have read or used.

To review a book, you need to register. The benefits of registering are listed in FAQs.

Here are the books that have been recently reviewed for our web site. Click on the link to read the full review.
1. Book Review: Primary Science: Extending Knowledge in Practice 12 February 2008
2. Book Review: The Concepts and Practices of Lifelong Learning 31 January 2008
3. Book Review: A Practical Guide to Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School (Routledge Teaching Guides) 30 January 2008
4. Book Review: Existential and Spiritual Issues in Death Attitudes 30 January 2008
5. Book Review: Trauma, Drug Misuse and Transforming Identities: A Life Story Approach 23 January 2008
6. Book Review: Preparing for Blended E-Learning 22 January 2008
7. Book Review: Making Teaching Work: Teaching Smarter in Post-Compulsory Education 22 January 2008
8. Book Review: Teaching Synthetic Phonics (Teaching Handbooks) 9 January 2008
9. Book Review: Changing Higher Education (SEDA). The development of teaching and learning 22 December 2007

For the full listing of reviews

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Recent resources

We are continually updating our web site with new resources from all aspects of our Subject Centre activity.

We have event resources, publications, book reviews and external resources if you want to keep up to date with all our new resources do sign up for the RSS Feed

Latest Resources RSS feed

1. The Professional Doctorate Dec 5th, Roehampton University

The presentations and linked resources from this event are now available.

2. Reflective Learning Workshop with Jenny Moon

Resources from this event are now available.

List of resources for use with Reflective Learning Journals

Resource sheet from the event

Presentation and overview of the day

3. First Year experience in Education

A series of resources from the 2 day conference held in April 2006 addressing student retention in Continuing Education.

4. Widening Participation to University study through flexible delivery

Resources and abstracts from the conference held in October 2005

5. Assessment in Continuing Education

Presentations from this one-day conference for staff working in continuing education, held in June 2005.

6. Assessing employability in Continuing Education

A powerpoint presentation

7. Promoting and encouraging the effective use of the student voice to enhance professional development in learning, teaching and assessment within higher education Fiona Campbell, Napier University

ESCalate project final report

8. Making real the learning to learn (L2L) rhetoric embedded in an ITE Learning and Teaching Strategy Linda Rush, University College Chester

ESCalate project mid term report

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A Heartfelt Message

It seems churlish not to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's day. We hope that this bulletin is able to update you about ESCalate's ongoing work.

Our heartfelt message is that our next bulletin will be in April, please send any articles that you think may be of interest to our community to

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