4 year degrees - Placement plus

The following is offered as a résumé of a meeting of 4 year QTS Primary degree providers held in Lancaster on February 8th, 2008.

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What a 4 year QTS degree is able to do …

4 year degrees can offer 'additionality' to students and provide a minimum of 32 weeks of placements, not necessarily in schools

Placement plus

  • University of Cumbria – 3 weeks experiential – international (funded and non-funded), cultural settings, special schools
  • Newman University – alternative experience – 20 days minimum in settings with educational link – Japan, India, Australia, special schools, museums, hospitals, early excellence. centres. Inclusion week in Y2 – focus on EAL and SEN. Creative ICT in action week – produce CDRoms, interactive perspectives. Citizenship week – audit and work on a particular area.
  • University of Bedfordshire – 10 days (multi-agency) tailored to the student and organisation. 2 full weeks or whatever pattern fits the student or organisation e.g. 10 X 1 day, 5 X 2 days etc., special schools, hospitals, museums, educational psychologist’s office.
  • Liverpool Hope University – 1 -2 weeks block. International – USA, Scandinavia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, India. Service learning – football clubs (drugs awareness projects) police – National Museums Liverpool. Curriculum enrichment – student offers to work on any area school identifies
  • Liverpool John Moores University – voluntary enrichment – national project linked to capital of culture – learning mentors in school. End of year 3 – 10 days thematic learning 5-6 children in a class, 30 in a school teaching everything. Not pass/fail. Great opportunity to take risks. Maths Roadshow – 60 students in a school – 10 students per lass I morning. English and science as above.