Professional development for those leading quality enhancement initiatives

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2007
Amount awarded £4,000.00
Completed: November 2009
Leader(s): Professor Ranald Macdonald
Organisation: Sheffield Hallam University
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 0114 225 4750
Start Date: 1 October 2007
End Date: 29 August 2008
Interim report received: 4 February 2009

As part of HEFCE's Research-Informed Teaching (RIT) initiative we have established a team at Sheffield Hallam University comprising a secondee from each of the University's four Faculties and a team from the Learning and Teaching Institute (LTI). Whilst HEFCE funding provides for the secondments and central team it does not allow for the professional development of individuals in their new roles. The project aims to support the professional development of those leading quality enhancement initiatives (see Cranton, 1996; King & Lawler, 2003).

The project also builds on Ranald Macdonald's National Teaching Fellowship project: Ensuring effective professional development for those supporting change in learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) which works with those with designated Faculty roles such as LTA Co-ordinators and Teaching Fellows. This project will focus on those working with more specific QE initiatives rather than designated institutional roles.

A further link is with work currently being undertaken in the University to explore Academic Roles and ensure that there are career routes for those wishing to focus primarily on learning and teaching rather than research or management. The reality is that most academic roles involve a combination of these activities but the university recognises distinctive career routes.

Main aims of the project:

  • To build and enhance institutional capacity to provide effective support for change in learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) to ensure maximum impact on the curriculum and the student learning experience
  • To identify the development needs of those supporting and leading change in LTA
  • To develop a set of procedures, programme of activities and associated materials to support educational change initiatives
  • To develop appropriate mentoring, co-mentoring and review processes to support the programme
  • To disseminate the outcomes of the project widely through the HE Academy Subject Centres, SEDA, publications and other appropriate mechanismsTo enable team members to engage more widely with external audiences as part of evaluation and dissemination activities, and to develop their external profile as part of their professional development
  • To provide an example of effective project implementation and outcomes for the Education subject community through ESCalate