Multi-Agency working for children and young people

This is in fact a full resource on multi-agency working for you to use with your students at any time which is convenient to you. Produced by a group of tutors from a range of backgrounds – health, education, social work, youth work – this resource is an introduction for student teachers to what multi-agency working means for them and invites them to critique policy and reflect on their personal reaction to this agenda. It is designed for use in all 4 countries of the UK and assumes an available slot of 2 hours for the workshop, leading to possible follow-up work by the students themselves at Professional or Masters level. The resource includes full tutor notes which suggest ways of presenting the material and you are welcome to download the resource straight from the web.

The PowerPoint attachment is for use with the resource - NB TO ACTIVATE SLIDE 6 - THE TEACHERS' TV VIDEO DOUBLE CLICK THE SLIDE.

If, however, you would like ESCalate to provide you with a hard copy and CDRom of the PowerPoint, we would be glad to provide this for you for £6. Please e-mail us at to request a full copy.