Meeting of Minds: TLRP Fellowship Scheme

Author/Producer James O'Toole / ESCalate
Published in ESCalate news (Autumn 2007)
Date Published 23 October 2007
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The Teaching and Learning Reserach Programme (TLRP) is pleased to announce the fourth round of its Fellowship Scheme


The funding is aimed at UK educational researchers who are already established in the field with high quality publications but are yet to become Principal Investigators (or equivalent) in their own right.

Modest funding (based on travel and subsistence expenses) is provided for a targeted mentoring programme with a more experienced colleague working to enhance the applicant's ability to secure research funding and publish their work.

The Scheme's purpose is to enhance UK-wide research capacity by helping the next generation of research leaders' progress. Funding has been allocated for up to 30 Fellowships in the period up to December 2008.

Andrew Pollard, TLRP's Director, said: “This scheme supports the exchange of expertise across the UK educational research community. It is a wonderful opportunity for the next generation of leading researchers to access practical support from senior colleagues. The last round even spread this internationally, to include Etienne Wenger! So the point to new researchers is simple – if you really want to get started with serious funding and publications, get on your email, pick up the phone and take the initiative! Meetings of Minds is there to help.”

The first round of the Scheme was announced in May 2006 and the third round has just closed with four new fellows being added to make a total of 19. Fellows and their mentors are based across the UK in over 20 different institutions and initial feedback shows that fellowships are providing a fruitful way for researchers to set aside time for developing proposals and publications. The Scheme stipulates that the Fellow's academic institution must make a commitment to allow significant time to work on outcomes resulting from the Fellowship.

Each applicant is asked to produce a short report detailing the outcomes of their experiences when the Fellowship comes to an end. The first round of these are expected imminently.

Full details of the Scheme and an application form can be found on the TLRP website here and more information on the Scheme including a full list of Fellows is available here

If you would like any further information please contact

TLRP is the Economic and Social Research Council's largest investment in education research. It was initiated in 2000 and is expected to end in 2011. The programme incorporates 700 researchers in 70 projects, which cover all education sectors – from Early Years to Higher Education and Workplace Learning. TLRP researchers work closely in partnership with practitioners to ensure the application of findings to policy and practice.