Primary ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice

Series Achieving QTS
Author(s) Jonathan Allen, John Potter, Jane Sharp
Publisher Learning Matters Ltd
Published 2007
Pages 246
Price £16.00
ISBN 9781844450947
Reviewed by Miss Alex Melrose
Stockport College
Review published 16 April 2008

Knowledge and Understanding of ICT in the Primary School is an enormous and fluid area to attempt to cover and this book tries to do this by providing practical information as to ICT skills needed for specific applications as well as information on the ICT National Curriculum and how ICT can be used in a professional capacity.

The first section concerns learning and teaching of ICT and provides guidance on different aspects of planning and assessment, giving advice on integrating ICT into the primary curriculum.

The second section is divided into chapters according to application. This covers such things as using spreadsheets, word processing, graphics programmes and so on. Each section starts from a basic level describing what the application is and how it may be useful. It then goes on to explain how the software can be used, and could be quite useful for those people who may lack confidence or knowledge. As such, each section acts as a ‘whistle stop tour’ of the various applications that teachers may be required to use.

In the reviewer’s opinion, there are three different books here; maybe this book attempts to cram in too much information; alternatively, maybe it provides enough detail to furnish the newly qualified teacher with the tools and advice to use ICT in the primary classroom and gain a clear picture of how it can be integrated in a cross curricular way.