ESCalate Activity with Key Partners in the FE Sector

Author/Producer Phil Price
Published in Bulletin 33
Date Published Autumn 2007
Pages 2


An overview of the work ESCalate has undertaken in the FE sector


ESCalate Activity with Key Partners in the FE Sector.

ESCalate has, over the last year, contributed to the project steering group set up by LLUK to look at the commitment made in ‘Equipping our Teachers’[1] for the development of a teacher educator framework. ESCalate has worked closely with UCET(Universities Council for Teachers) on this activity and the initial phase of work has been completed. The steering group will be re-formulated into one looking at the CPD needs of experienced teachers and teacher educators. The framework, which is advisory in nature, will have a number of components. These include outputs from the initial phase comprising the principles underpinning CPD activities, linked to the UK Professional Standards Framework for supporting learning and teaching in higher education (UK PSF) and findings from pilot studies. These will be available on the LLUK website in due course. It is likely some of the proposed activity envisioned for this project will be linked to the work of a number of CETTs (Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training) and include a wiki for this community of practice that will be managed by QIA (Quality Improvement Agency). Further research identifying the professional practical needs of teacher educators and experienced teachers is planned.

Initial liaison work is underway between the Academy and LLUK to examine the professional development needs of HE in FE practitioners and the evolving QTLS qualifications framework. One of the outcomes of this liaison is that the Academy has agreed to support an initial scoping exercise of HE in FE staff development provision in England. The exercise aims to identify the existing range of credit-bearing or substantive support that could contribute to the new QTLS framework that is designed to orientate practitioners in FECs to the distinctive nature of teaching and learning in higher education and how this relates to the UK PSF. The scoping work, to be undertaken by ESCalate at Stirling University, research centres, will help construct a picture for interested bodies of the extent and characteristics of this professional support available to HE in FE practitioners and their managers.

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[1] Equipping our Teachers for the Future: Reforming Initial Teacher Training for the Learning and Skills Sector. DfES 2004