A UK community of ITE practice in Education for Sustainable Development

Grant type: Research
Round: Research grant 2007
Amount awarded £9,976.00
Completed: November 2008
Leader(s): Professor Sally Inman
Organisation: London South Bank University
Contact Email: inmansj@lsbu.ac.uk
Contact phone: 020 7815 8125
Liz Jackson
Education WWF-UK
Training Development Agency
Start Date: 12 September 2007
End Date: 29 August 2008
Interim report received: 20 March 2008
Final report received: 23 September 2008

Recent research (2006) commissioned by WWF UK has shown that the embedding of ESD within ITE provision across the UK is uneven. There are ITE providers who provide evidence of strong ESD whilst in others there is very little evidence of such development. CCCI has worked in this area since 1995 in partnerships with a range of NGOs, including Oxfam, WWF-UK London and South East Region-Global Dimension (LaSER-GC) supported by DfID, and other ITE providers. In June 2006 ITE professionals, together with representatives from the TDA and DfES, came together in a national ‘Learning for Sustainability’ teacher training seminar organised by WWF-UK and CCCI. The seminar participants considered ways of moving an institution from ‘“business as usual” to radical transformation’ with respect to ESD. One of the needs identified in order to facilitate this was the establishment of an active network of ITE practitioners in this area.

This project sets out to establish and sustain a UK network of ESD within ITE. The outcomes of the project will be:

  • An active community of practice in ESD
  • E library of research in ESD and ITE
  • Academic and professional articles on ESD and ITE
  • ITE ESD web site as part of ESCalate and CCCI websites for ongoing networking, discussion and support
  • Annual event to disseminate and celebrate ESD work in ITE (In a different region each year)
  • Regional seminars and workshops and in ITE institutions of the network
  • Continuing professional development in ESD for ITE tutors through a cascade model whereby lead individuals from ITE institutions will work with colleagues to develop their ESD practice

The work of the project will be disseminated through the website, conferences and workshops and written publications. This will be organised in liaison with ESCalate

The network was successfully launched in July 2007 and a steering group has been formed with representation from HE, NGOs, ESCalate,UCET and the TDA. The network management team comprises Sally Inman,Maggie Rogers, Ros Wade, Alison Hatt. A researcher has been contracted to start drawing together a body of theory/policy/practice in ESD/GC. The website is being developed through ESCalate and the TDA in conjunction with CCCI. A UK wide conference is planned for July 10th 2008.

If you would like to be involved in the network please send your details to Alison Hatt at CCCI hatta@lsbu.ac.uk and you will be added to the contact list.