ESCalate Bulletin No. 34 (13 December 2007)


  1. Introduction
  2. ESCalate Events (Dec - March)
  3. Advance notice of ESCalate events for 2008
  4. External Events (Oct-Dec)
  5. Ed.D event @ Roehampton University - a review of the day
  6. Would you like to run a Disability Workshop? ESCalate would like to help.
  7. E-learning workshops - an urgent call for venues
  8. Scottish Universities Association for Lifelong Learning workshop March 2008
  9. Higher Education Conference – 1-3 July 2008 Harrogate N Yorks
  10. Another excellent round for Development Grants
  11. 2008 Research funding
  12. Enhancing the quality of HE in FE provision
  13. Research and scholarship by HE in FE staff
  14. Recently reviewed books
  15. Recent resources
  16. End piece


This is our last bulletin of 2007 and we hope that there is something for everyone. We are very much looking forward to the coming year, as many of our Subject Centre projects are in full swing now and will produce quality resources/events/opportunities for you all in the coming months.

We have a few Goodbye's and Thank-you's to mention; Kate Wenham and Chris Fagan in our University of Cumbria Office, Jane Tuffill here at University of Bristol and Jane McKie who has been working with us at Bristol, but based at University of Stirling. Jane McKie will still be doing some work with us into 2008 so some of you will hear from her in relation to that, the Internationalisation project.

We are very pleased to introduce some new faces; Sue Scowcroft at Cumbria and Anne Anderson at Bristol. We are delighted to welcome them both to the team!

Contact details for all Subject Centre staff can be found on our website.

We hope you enjoy reading this bulletin. If you have any items you would like included in the next edition please contact

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ESCalate Events (Dec - March)

Here are the ESCalate events coming up in the next few months please click on the link for more details. For a complete listing of events please visit the events section of our website

Mapping and Using Teacher Education Research Tuesday 5 February 2008, University of Glasgow. In 2006, the Teacher Education Group (TEG) started work on an exercise to map UK research on teacher education published between 2000 and 2006. This is the first of two conferences lauching this resource.

Mapping and Using Teacher Education Research Friday 7 March 2008, Roehampton University. The second of two conferences launching the resources of the Teacher Education Group (TEG).

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Advance notice of ESCalate events for 2008

We have two conferences that you might like to know about, happening in 2008

The Teaching-Research Interface: Implications for Practice in HE and FE Tue 29-Wed 30 April 2008, University of Stirling. A collaborative conference with CRLL

4th Annual ESCalate ITE Conference - Innovation and Development in Initial Teacher Education Fri 16 May 2008, University of Cumbria. Call for papers - the deadline for submissions is Monday 21st January 2008

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External Events (Oct-Dec)

Here is a list of External Events that we feel might be of interest, please click on the link for more information.

UKCLE E-learning seminar series 2007/08 Thursday 31st January 2008, Wills Hall Conference Centre, University of Bristol. This is the second in the Subject Centre for Law's series and its theme will be E-assessment. The aim is to provide four one day seminars which will deliver stimulating and challenging presentations and encourage dialogue on four key themes.

Towards Professional Wisdom Wednesday 26-Friday 28 March 2008, The University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. What is needed for effective professional practice in such ‘people professions’ as social work, teaching, nursing, ministry, psychotherapy and counselling?

UKCLE E-learning seminar series 2007/08 Wednesday 26th March 2008, Glasgow Caledonian University. This is the third in the Subject Centre for Law's series and its theme is Mobile Learning. The aim is to provide four one day seminars which will deliver stimulating and challenging presentations and encourage dialogue on four key themes.

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Ed.D event @ Roehampton University - a review of the day

In conjunction with Dr Julie Shaughnessy at Roehampton University, on Dec 5th, Dr Julie Anderson and Teresa Nurser from the Bristol office ran a day event entitled "The Professional Doctorate".

After initial introductions by the two Julies, the keynote was given by Dr Dennis Hayes (CCCU) who offered some thought provoking ideas about how research and debate are considered within our institutions and policy groups.

Networking opportunities and workshop presentations gave rise to further discussions and the plenary section brought the day to a conclusion with thoughts around "where next"?

One of the outcomes of the day was interest in setting up an associated network - beginning with colleagues who attended. Via one attendee on the day we are making arrangements for this to link with existing networks. Please see the web site for more details of this in due course.

Some initial resources from this day can be at seen on the event web page under our resources section.

Further to that, a call for a literature resource during the plenary seemed popular but as said at the time, needs input from those of you in the know to populate it! Please send suggestions for books or journals you have found helpful in your work around the setting up and running of EdD programmes to

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Would you like to run a Disability Workshop? ESCalate would like to help.

Thanks to all of you followed up our offer of workshops earlier this year. We have gone ahead with half a dozen and our budget for these workshops in 2007/8 is therefore allocated now.

For of you looking ahead and planning Teaching and Learning days / Staff Development support in Schools of Education in 2008/9, in addition to Jenny Moon and Poppy Turner (who are still offering to run workshops), we are delighted to inform you that we can now extend the workshops on offer.

Barbara Pavey is Lecturer in Inclusion and SEN (Dyslexia) at the University of Birmingham. She is an educator with a long and varied experience of learning and teaching in the field of disability. As a member of a creative arts team in specialist FE whose members also taught personal and social development, she learned how to use techniques such as drama, role play, simulation, rehearsal and demonstration in working with young students with disabilities who, often, were not strong readers and writers. Later, leading dyslexia and disability programmes in HE, she found that students with dyslexia in her teaching groups often reacted well to such teaching and learning experiences, responding to the variation in methodology with a lift in interest, confidence and morale.

ESCalate is offering to support Education Depts. who want to invite Barbara to run a workshop with their staff. Costs, timings, dates etc. as with the others is open to negotiation. In the first instance, if interested, please email

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E-learning workshops - an urgent call for venues

We are looking for 3-4 venues covering the breadth of the UK that would be interested in hosting an E-Learning workshop day.

We would ideally like to hold these within the Spring and Summer terms, around the theme of e learning including, subject to confirmation of speakers,

  • Mobile technology
  • P.D.P.
  • REAP Assessment
  • Videopapers
  • A local e learning innovation either in or near your institution

Your venue will need to accommodate at least 30 people, each with access or shared access to a computer or computer input. ESCalate will supply the workshop leader, speakers and cover subsistence costs.

If you think your institution may be interested, please contact

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Scottish Universities Association for Lifelong Learning workshop March 2008

ESCalate (Stirling) is sponsoring and participating in a Scottish Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (SUALL) one day workshop event on research interview techniques for new and existing education researchers on 7 March 2008 at the University of Stirling. The format of the event is parallel workshops in the morning repeated in the afternoon. Introductory keynote presentation will be by Professor Gert Biesta. Workshops will be conducted by Professor Biesta and Ms Irene Malcolm.For further information contact Derek Young at
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Higher Education Conference – 1-3 July 2008 Harrogate N Yorks

Call for subject centre supported papers

If you have engaged with ESCalate via any of our events or activities with any of the three ESCalate sites (Universities of Stirling, Cumbria and Bristol) - or currently have or have had a grant in the recent past -you are invited to submit an abstract/ proposal for a paper at the Higher Education Conference.

The conference has six 'tracks' which are Policy and leadership; Student feedback and engagement; Learning and teaching; Employment, entrepreneurship and recruitment; Internationalisation; Assessment - and your paper would need to sit within one of these.

We are able to put forward two papers as being especially supported by ourselves here at ESCalate. This, of course, does not exclude others from submitting proposals. The submission form will ask for Subject Centre 'affinity' when submitting proposals. If you are not one of the two particularly noted as ESCalate, there should still be opportunity for us to support you through our recommendation - and this is especially important if you have a current grant and have written into your proposal that you will disseminate through this conference.

If you have any queries and/ or wish to be considered as being one of the two ESCalate supported papers, please send details and an abstract as per the conference requirements to I will need details of your association with ESCalate and which member of staff you have engaged with.

The deadline for abstracts to myself needs to be no later than the end of Friday January 11 2008 as the HEAcademy conference deadline is January 17 2008.

Full details of the conference are on the Academy website

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Another excellent round for Development Grants

As ever we received a selection of high quality project bids from around the UK demonstrating again that that project teams continue to value ESCalate as a support to research and learning within their departments.

Twenty project bids in all were submitted for our latest October round.

We have informed the project teams of the outcome of this round and will soon be listing those successful bids on the current projects section of the web site. The next round will be in October 2008. In the meantime if you have an idea for the Research grants or would like to support a student in making a bid for student funding, do remember that the deadline for those is April 2008. There are further details about these later in this bulletin.

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2008 Research funding

The theme for the annual Research grants is Employer engagement/ Employability. This is a deliberately wide ranging theme which should allow any colleague working on an Education course in the UK to create a suitable project bid if they wish. Please note though that Employer engagement/ Employability needs to be the substantial focus of the work!

Details about how to apply are on the website pages at . The deadline for expressions of interest (EOI) is April 2008.

There are links to both HE Academy work in this field as well as links to other ESCalate specific work such as the online employability module and the Discussions series booklets for staff and students with photocopiable resources. These links may help colleagues with their own ideas; for example some of you may wish to use the free resources and embed them in your own course and create a research bid around that. Whether that appeals to you or not, do take a look at what is there as any successful EOI/ bid would be expected to demonstrate some awareness of what has already been done.

We are currently considering inviting successful EOI bidders to an event where they can present their ideas to a panel. We would be interested in feedback on this idea to The intention is that it would shorten the process and help projects start sooner - but if not popular with colleagues we will leave the process as before.

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Enhancing the quality of HE in FE provision

On behalf of Academy York, staff at ESCalate (Stirling) are currently undertaking an initial scoping of credit rated HE in FE staff development provision in England. In order to enhance the quality of HE in FE provision, staff delivering teaching and learning within a further education environment need to have access to suitable development opportunities during both the initial and subsequent stages of their professional development. Escalate staff are undertaking an initial scoping and information gathering exercise designed to give an accurate understanding of the current and intended provision of HE in FE modules/programmes of study designed by awarding institutions in England. For further information contact Derek Young at
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Research and scholarship by HE in FE staff

ESCalate at Stirling University are currently undertaking a major UK wide project to identify perceptions and interpretations of research and scholarship by HE in FE staff. Building upon previous work by Rob Jones (June 2006, Scholarly activity in the context of HE in FE), this project explores the range and extent of research and scholarship undertaken in practice and in turn examines the barriers and facilitators to such activity, including available support (both locally and nationally). In this way the project will:
  • position these findings within the context of relevant research and literature, institutional policies and sectoral developments and requirements;
  • identify practitioner support needs for development and/or enhancement of research and scholarship activity;
  • facilitate networking and peer support opportunities for research and scholarship by HE in FE staff.
For further information contact Derek Young at
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Recently reviewed books

The following books have recently been reviewed by members of our community. If you would like to review a book yourself and receive the book in return, please see our books for review listing.
1. A Practical Guide to Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Secondary School (Routledge Teaching Guides) (Routledge Teaching Guides)
Norbert Pachler, Ana Redondo (2007)
2. New! Existential and Spiritual Issues in Death Attitudes
Adrian Tomer, Grafton T. Eliason, Paul T. P. Wong (2008)
3. Media Literacy in Schools: Practice, Production and Progression
Andrew Burn, James Durran (2007)
4. Primary ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice (Achieving QTS): Knowledge, Understanding and Practice (Achieving QTS)
Jonathan Allen, John Potter, Jane Sharp (2007)
5. Primary Science: Extending Knowledge in Practice
Judith Roden, Hellen Ward, Hugh Ritchie (2007)
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Recent resources

Please look through these recent resources.
1.Resources for Reflective Learning (13 December)
2.Resources for use with reflection or learning journals (13 December)
3.Reflective Learning Workshop (13 December)
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End piece

May we take this opportunity to wish everyone a very enjoyable Christmas and we look forward to seeing many of you at events and institutional visits in 2008.

Our next bulletin will be in March. Please send any articles for this that you think may of interest to our community to

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From the ESCalate Team


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