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Becoming a Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education - an ESCalate workshop

Date(s) Thursday 22 November 2007
Venue University of Birmingham Conference Park
Organised by ESCalate

A one day practical workshop for new teacher educators from 10am - 4pm

This workshop is aimed at all those in their first two years of working as a lecturer in teacher education. It will be of benefit to those who have recently moved into Higher Education from a practitioner role, such as teacher, FE lecturer, consultant and adviser. This will be a practical workshop designed to help new teacher educators focus on their professional development during the first few years in a Higher Education role.

To book your place either download and print an application form above or if you are an ESCalate member you can book online. To become an ESCalate member, please visit the registration page .

The workshop will focus on some of the key issues involved in starting work as a lecturer in Higher Education. In particular, it will explore work contexts, managing workloads, the pedagogies of teacher education, and continuing professional development as an academic, including building up scholarship and a research profile.The workshop engages with and builds on the ESCalate guidelines for the induction of new teacher educators (Boyd, Harris & Murray, 2007), which were collaboratively developed with contributions from many teacher educators in a wide range of UK higher education contexts.

The workshop is facilitated by the authors of the guidelines document who are all teacher educators and involved in research and development initiatives focusing on the induction and learning of new teacher educators.

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