COASTAL: (Curriculum,Outcomes,And Sustainable Teaching, Assessment,Learning) Sustainable Development in HE

Grant type: Research
Round: Research grant 2007
Amount awarded £9,895.75
Completed: October 2008
Leader(s): Professor Gina Wisker
Organisation: University of Brighton
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01273 643446
Dr Jenny Elliott
School of the Environment, University of Brighton
Dr Marie Harder
Waste and Energy Research Group, University of Brighton
Start Date: 12 September 2007
End Date: 26 September 2008
Interim report received: 6 August 2008
Final report received: 9 October 2008
Our project aims to identify, share and encourage the uptake of successful models and strategies for embedding sustainable development in the HE curriculum in terms of learning outcomes, learning and teaching practices, and assessment. We will ask: - What are the criteria, definitions , examples and models for effective and sustainable development (SD) in the HE curriculum? - How can HE student SD learning outcomes be achieved, expressed, embedded through different disciplines and across disciplines, and via community and volunteering opportunities? - How can effective models for SD learning be shared locally and with the HE sector? Our project builds on existing work at the University of Brighton which has started to bring together a ‘community of involvement’ on sustainable development. The project aims to enhance and expand a community of staff, students and community representatives who are working to embed sustainable development within and across university curricula and across university and community boundaries. We will undertake telephone and face to face interviews with staff, focus groups with students, and site visits to external universities, to gather criteria, examples, models and information and develop case studies on effective strategies for embedding sustainable development in the HE curriculum. These case studies will be shared with colleagues at Brighton and with the wider academic community via the ESCalate website and via a joint ESCalate/Brighton one day workshop