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University life uncovered - how are students' experiences outside the classroom impacting their learning?

Date(s) Friday 9 November 2007
Venue Manchester Metropolitan University
Organised by ESCalate, SWAP and C-SAP

Conference Focus & Themes

There are many social, environmental and economic factors affecting today's students (e.g. university fee levels, living conditions, mental health issues), often impacted by new social and public policies. The idea that the student leaves their 'other' life outside the classroom is no longer a given. What can research findings and the experience of supporting student learning tell us about contemporary student life and how can this knowledge inform curriculum planning and ways in which student learning is facilitated?

The Subject Centre for Social Policy and Social Work (SWAP) invites contributions on the following themes:

Policy - does policy matter? How are social and public policies affecting student choices and experiences? (On finance, fees, diversity, tax benefit policy, child support for families, family policies, equality and diversity, widening participation)

Students as young people - In what ways does personal experience outside the institution (e.g. housing, mental health, social inclusion/isolation, family ties, friendships, employment, on line social spaces, use of leisure time) inform student learning and experience of university life?

Using the wider curriculum - How can engagement with the community improve students' understanding of citizenship and their role in the community? (e.g. work based learning, voluntary work, work for universities as ambassadors and associates)

Identity - How are identities informed and embraced by teaching and learning? (e.g. the gender, race, ethnicity and class of those attending university).

SWAP are dealing with applications, so please visit there website for further details.